Massive Drive Againstfake Doctors Soon

Bangladesh Medical and DentalCouncil (BMDC) and BangladeshMedical Association (BMA) aregoing to launch a massive driveacross the country from May todetect fake doctors.The drive will also be conductedto find out if the BMDC and BMAorder to a physician to put regis-tration and phone number whilepreparing prescriptions is beingflouted.

BMA    Secretary    GeneralEhteshamul Hoque Chowdhuryrecently confirmed this while talkingto  media.  “Earlier  we  served  awarning of licence cancellation if theorder is violated, but allegationsgalore that many doctors across thecountry  are  not  following  theinstruction properly or at all,” hesaid.The image of original doctors isbeing  tarnished  by  these  fakedoctors, he said, adding that fakephysicians are cheating on patientsfor a long time with forged BMDClicence.Against this backdrop, said MrChowdhury, “We shall launch amassive drive against them in May.Licences of those doctors who areflouting the order will be post-poned.”

Earlier, the anti-crime elite forceRapid Action Battalion (Rab), in anumber of drives, unearthed bizarreand hard-to-believe stories of bogusphysicians who were even popularamong their patients.According to Rab, many greedypersons with poor educational qual-ifications, as low as class eight oreven uneducated, have become‘MBBS’  doctors  overnight  withcounterfeit licences.

Among the already nabbed, somewere even rickshaw-pullers whilesome were fruit sellers by profes-sion.According to Rab officials, stillthere are a huge number of fakedoctors who are illegally practisingmedicine mostly at local pharma-cies and clinics. “These fake doctorsare mostly active in below par clinicsand  diagnostic  centres  located investment in the sector is a must, headded. The minister said all thesewhile speaking as the chief guest at aconference on ‘Role of RenewableEnergy to Build My Village, My Town’at Hotel Intercontinental in the capital.Bangladesh Solar and RenewableEnergy Association (BSREA) organ-ised the conference.MA Mannan said, “Our villageswill become towns soon. 

There is nodisagreement or controversy. As thecountry’s technology and educationare moving forward, the people ofvillages will also transform them-selves.”“However, we can do it in a fasterand systematic way. The governmentis accelerating this transformationfrom inside,” the minister added.Mannan said the negative impacts offossil fuel have increased on envi-ronment, which is very harmful tosurvive on earth.“We must take various initiativesto increase use of renewable energyand reduce use of fossil fuels. Thereis  no  other  alternative  to  it,”  theminister continued.He further said the use of renew-able energy is increasing day by dayin  the  world.  

Bangladesh  is  alsocommitted to bring progress in thesector. More than 55 lakh solar homesystems (SHS) have been installed inBangladesh, which is the largest SHSinitiative in the world.“Currently, farmers are getting irri-gation facilities by solar irrigationsystem. Besides, solar streetlight hasalso been installed in important placesof rural areas. However, solar powergeneration is increasing by using ofrooftop solar panels,” the ministeradded. At the conference, ManagingDirector of Vitti Sthapati Brindo IqbalHabib delivered the keynote speech.Iqbal Habib, who is also an archi-tect and a city planner, said the inven-tion of solar stove system can protecthundreds of people from respiratorydiseases  caused  by  wood  and  oilstoves. 

The invention of solar poweredfloating school can help enlighten theminds of children through education,he said, adding that through the start-up   of   solar   micro-grid   sharingcommunities can help each other withtheir surplus production of electricity.“On special occasions every year,we say we are going home, whichmeans even though our houses are inthe city our real homes are in theserenity of villages. 

And we must dowhat is necessary to keep our villagesalive and healthy,” Iqbal added. The conference was also attended,among others, by PM’s adviser onPrivate Industry Investment SalmanFazlur Rahman, chief coordinator(Sustainable Developments Goals) ofPrime Minister’s Office Abul KalamAzad, SREDA Chairman Helal Uddin,IDCOL Executive Director and CEOMahmood Malik, BSREA PresidentDipal  C  Barua,  Dhaka  UniversityProfessor     Saiful     Haque,     andEnergypac Electronics Ltd CEO &Director Nurul Kabir.