Health benefits of playing volleyball

Published : 08 Jan 2022 03:51 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2022 05:12 PM

Playing a game is always beneficial for our health whether it is mental strength or physical. It will certainly help when we play the game regularly. One such game is Volleyball which can be played on the beach, sand, and indoors. Even it can be played inside the water. People of all ages can enjoy this game either indoors or outdoors. Playing it regularly can help you reduce your cholesterol level, reduce your weight, improve your overall physical fitness, and many more.

Let's discuss one by one what the various benefits of playing volleyball are:

Decreases cholesterol level

Daily practice of volleyball can decrease your cholesterol level. The reason is straightforward as there is a direct relation between the physical motion and the cholesterol level of an individual. Regular practice of volleyball can positively impact lipid as well as cholesterol levels. A recent study shows that 11 weeks of daily training of volleyball can decrease the cholesterol level up to several extents. As volleyball requires intense physical activity and this ultimately leads to the reduction in physical stress level and thus reduces your cholesterol level.

Reduce weight:

Volleyball is a game of intense physical movement, it burns a lot of calories and which in turn reduces the importance of an individual.  It is a game in which you have to take jumps and spikes. Scientific study shows that playing Volleyball on an average 25 minutes can burn around 125 calories which is quite high and can be increased by increasing the intensity. There is one fact that a person will burn fewer calories in Water as compared to the beach. Hence playing volleyball can be useful in reducing obesity up to a large extent. So ultimate advice to the people who are fat must play it to remove their tummy and become lean and attractive.

Enhances coordination skills:

While playing volleyball, you will experience that there should be coordination between eyes and hands which comes when you will practice it daily. So regular playing of volleyball can increase your motor ability and thus improve concentration level. Initially, it takes time but can be acquired with time and practice. Therefore if you want to enhance your cognitive skills, daily practice of volleyball is a must for you. Instead, the effect of volleyball in this regard can be in your daily life as you will be able to focus on other day-to-day tasks appropriately with less errors and feel more confident. Thus regularly playing volleyball can make your life more comfortable and comfortable.

Improves strength:

 If someone plays volleyball daily, then there are very high chances that he need not go to the gym for muscle building. Volleyball requires immense vitality, stamina, and upper body strength. As it is a game that involves the continuous action of your hand and legs, thus it builds the muscles of your legs and hands automatically when you consistently play it. You will have stronger muscles like never before, and that would look attractive.

Increases speed and agility:

Regular playing of volleyball can enhance your speed and agility as well. Because while playing volleyball one has to run from one end of the court to the other which requires speed as well as agility. In case of a smash by a player of the opponent team you have to be very rapid in defending it and thus speed comes into the picture. Thus regular playing volleyball can enhance your agility. Since if you are agiler then it will help you out in becoming more active and alert.

Alleviate heart diseases

As playing football can help us increase the blood circulation in our body which ultimately makes our heart healthy. It is a scientific fact that playing volleyball for around 20 minutes is equivalent to running a mile concerning health benefits. Thus volleyball can help us to improve the health of our hearts. You will be less prone to harmful heart diseases like a heart attacks as the blood circulation towards the center is appropriate and effective. But it is not possible in a single, and you have to make it in your daily routine to enjoy its long-term health benefits.

Improves stamina

Since volleyball is a game that requires a person to be in constant motion all the time. So it requires endurance. Thus playing volleyball can improve our stamina as well. Enough strength can be built if we practice volleyball daily. Hence enjoy and the volleyball game and make you have more endurance and stamina.

Reduces stress level

Today everybody is so much busy with their hectic life which is the sole reason for anxiety and increasing stress. Regular playing of volleyball can help one to decrease the anxiety level up to a large extent and thus contributes to removing depression as well. It would be highly recommended if someone plays it after office hours to feel fresh and surprising. The reason is straightforward as it can change the mood of a person suddenly and the person will feel relaxed and enjoy the fun associated with this game. So to reduce your frustration level you must practice it daily. Playing volleyball can also be useful to remove depression and make you feel cheerful and happy.

Improves Metabolism

One of the essential factors why one should play volleyball is that it increases the metabolism of an individual. You will start noticing your increased metabolism within a week and thus will feel healthier.

Nourish internal organs

People doing exercise regularly have their internal organs like kidneys, lungs, etc. in perfect shape and condition, and they work efficiently. Daily practice of volleyball performs the same work as this sport can make your internal organs healthy. You may not be facing health complications like an average person who is just living his life without any physical activity. Since playing volleyball affects your health and makes you internally so loud that you will not be prone to diseases easily as you have more immunity power as compared to the person who is not playing it.

Improves aerobic activity

Playing volleyball on a regular basis can help you increase your aerobic exercise. So if someone plays it daily, then he/she can be saved from respiratory diseases like asthma and many more. A volleyball game if performed in a humid environment can be very useful in this respect.

Enhances concentration

Volleyball is the only game in which you need immense strength and ability to focus on play. This is one of the most important benefits of volleyball. Everyone should practice it regularly to improve concentration as it is the only factor which is required in every activity. Without focus, you will be performing the task but the efficiency of that task will be very low. So to enhance concentration level and to live a good life one must play volleyball on a daily basis.

Increases range of action

Playing volleyball can be very beneficial if you want to increase your range of motion. As in volleyball, you have to run from here and there to hit the ball. To defend a fast smash, you have to run and even have to make dive which requires extreme agility and motion skills. Thus the regular practice of volleyball will make you an active person like never before So if a person is lazy and want to become active then he must practice it on a regular basis.

Preventing Osteoporosis:

There comes a situation when our bone becomes weak. In that scenario volleyball comes into the picture as when one plays it regularly it makes the bones stronger and hard and thus minimizes the risk of osteoporosis. Bones can remain strong till old age if someone plays volleyball daily in his young age.One more benefit of this game is that it can reduce the chances of severe injuries and thus make you healthy.

Improves nerves performance

If you play volleyball every day, then that would not only make physically fit but also mentally fit as it enhances the capability of the nerves to take actions simultaneously and make them act briskly and swiftly. So play it regularly to get more mental strength like a lion.

These were some of the essential health benefits of playing volleyball on a daily basis. At last, it is highly recommended to introduce this game in your regular schedule to lead a standard and healthy life. Thus if you play volleyball daily, then there are very high chances that you will be saved from various medical complications and therefore will have a better life than the millions who are not playing it. Playing volleyball will make you stronger as well as healthier which in turn will make you lead a healthy and stress-free life.  So arise, awake, and play it to make your life cheerful by practicing it on a regular basis.

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