How to prevent injuries in sports

Published : 06 Jan 2022 08:01 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2022 05:13 PM

Sports or games can be any kind of physical exercise for the human body that keeps your physique fit and also it is a source of mental relaxation. In every era, sports have played a significant role in your daily life. One can take part in any games for fitness or joy. It adds excitement to the everyday routine life. It is an excellent source for releasing stress also it helps to keep you fresh all the day. Also, you can make it your profession.

Nowadays, a massive number of sports and games are played world widely which includes cricket, football, rugby, swimming, snooker, badminton, karate, archery, basketball, kayaking, cheerleading, hill climbing, cross country running, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, korfball, lacrosse, martial arts, netball, orienting, polo, rowing, sailing, skateboarding, paragliding, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and windsurfing are among most played sports on the planet.

As the days are passing numerous new games are introduced to the society. Competitions around all the earth held yearly. The most trending of them is Olympics, FIFA World cup, ICC Cricket World cup, World Base Ball Classic, etc. In these events, players and participants from all over the world come and nicely represent their countries. These events provide an excellent platform to show your talent. The history of sports is about 2000 BC.

Recently some artic rafts of gymnasium have been discovered in China that gives the proof of the existence of sports in the early times. Memorials of swimming and fishing found in the Pharaoh’s proves that the ancient Greeks were also involved in sports and games about thousands of years from now. Some monuments of martial arts also discovered in the Ancient Iranian Dynasty. These all discoveries give the same result that sports are not a new era invention. It is also one of the old inventories.

How to avoid injuries in sports?

To prevent any injury or damage while performing sports or any other physical activities. One should take some precautionary measures while engaging in any physical activity. Sports and games are essential for fitness, but health and safety should be our priority. According to the statistics, the annual percentage of peoples injured while playing sports is 6%. This figure cannot be neglected. We have to find a way to prevent these injuries. Here are some tips which you can follow to avoid any vandalism.

Increase the flexibility of your body

If you are permanently attached to any sports or physical activity. You should work on having an elastic body. It is critical to have a flexible figure as it helps very much in avoiding any injury while playing. For this purpose, you have to do some stretching exercises on a daily basis. You have to attend the yoga and aerobics class regularly. One should add some suitable activities to his everyday plan. A person who has flexible anatomy has numerous advantages on the field like twisted joints, muscle pull, and backaches. He can easily avoid these minor lacerations.

It is observed in facts of the 20th century that the gymnasts got rarely injured unlike and another sportsman. The reason behind this is their malleable physique. Few flexibility exercises are added to their daily workout which helps them to maintain the flexibility of their framework. Also, they have more recovering power than others. Having a supple body reduces the chances of getting critical damage. It is one of the essential needs of a sportsman. Not only athletes but every human should tend to have a bendable skeleton. Because this can be very useful in his everyday life.

Never play while you are injured

While performing sports or games whenever you find any pain or aches in any parts of your body. Stop the play and immediately visit your physician. It will be a cruel act that you are playing through the pain. Even a minor stretch of the body cannot be considered as negligible. It can be a big problem for you in the future. By doing this, you can cause a big problem for you and your teammates. That will not only make you uncomfortable but also can charge you a loss.

For instance, if you are a football player. While playing, you received an ankle twist, but you tried to keep up with it. It is a hazardous decision from you this can cause a permanent injury to you. Try to play as safe as you can. Avoid tackling or tricks as this can cause harm to you and others. Represent fellowship, discipline, and teamwork on the field. Avoid any foul language. That will provide an excellent effect on your personality on your enemies. For playing any sports or games, you should have a muscular body. Try to strengthen your muscles by doing physical training and weightlifting.

Always wear the safety equipment’s

Each player of the should take all the safety measures. For example, for a cricket player, protective equipment’s are helmets, knee pads, neck holder, gloves, guard thigh pads, elbow support, mouthpieces, etc. This equipment is a basic need of a sportsman. He cannot perform without these things. Safety should be our priority because Health is Wealth. Young athletes always presume that how can a minor injury affect their young blooded body. But it is a false assumption. Not even a scratch received while playing can be underestimated or can be neglected.

As the moment forward, it can be a big problem. Safety is necessary for all peoples not only for athletes. Science is working steadily to make all the everyday items safe. Now even a car we use has the airbags for any accident situation. Moreover, one feels comfortable while playing safely. Playing without safety equipment can cause stress and tension to the player of being injured,  which may lead to the bad performance of the player. No one wants to be damaged or injured while playing because it harms the self-confidence of the player and the team. To perform safely and gently is the priority of every player having sportsman spirit.

Take healthy diet

The thing that matters the most in your safety is that you should take the healthful and notorious diet. According to the research almost all sportsman takes calcium supplements and multivitamins in their usual fodder. Calcium supplements help to strengthen your bones and joints. That will help you to overcome any bone injury. Athletes who take the multivitamins show the increased stamina and speed. As a sportsman, you should have a proper diet chart assembled by a nutritionist. Avoid the junk foods like pizza and burgers because they make you fluffy which results in increasing the unneeded fats.

Always take those diets which are composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs and suitable acids. Take the excess amount of fruits in your meal. Also, take meat but in adequate quantity. Always walk after taking every meal because it accelerates the process of digestion of food. Regularly visit your physician or your doctor for the checkups of cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. Take two meals per day and always go for a morning jog. Stay hydrated not only via playing but in a routine. Water is essential for body, and it helps to purify our body from toxic acids and minerals.

Take breaks

If you are engaged in any physical activity, they always do it in the right way as guided by the experts. If you are a football player, then before playing you have to do the warm-up session. By running or doing some stretches. After that start the play. While playing try to be as much as hydrated as you can. Take the short brakes during the game this help you to regain your stamina and boosting your game. Try to play kindly and gently. Do not tease your foe with your actions. Avoid the useless sprints because these are only the waste of stamina.

Steadily playing without taking any break or refreshment can cause you a very critical injury. It will not only affect your body, but it also has and a harmful impact on your brain. That can cause blindness and loss of senses while playing. Even if you are the most muscular man in the world, you will still need recces while playing. Always keep candy or sweet in your mouth while running. It increases the formation of saliva and prevents your mouth from drying. By following these steps, you can avoid injuries.


Sports is a kind of physical activity that helps you to release your stress and increase your skills. There are plenty of games which are played around the whole world. These include football, rugby, swimming, snooker, badminton, karate, etc. Many contests of sports are planed yearly. By playing games, you learn fellowship, discipline, and teamwork.

While playing sports, some key points must be in your mind. 1st your priority of yours should a safe play. To make it possible and avoid any unsatisfactory situation some precautionary measures should be followed. Here are some steps that you must follow while playing.

  • Increase the Flexibility of your Body 
  • Never play while you are Injured  
  • Always Wear the Safety Equipment’s
  • Take Healthy Diet
  • Take breaks

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