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Published : 06 Jan 2022 08:19 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2022 05:13 PM

Volleyball is a game that requires immense concentration and coordination. It is basically a leisurely game which is played in the group. But as the level of competition increases then one must be able to play with efficiency in order to win the game. Here are a few tips and tricks which when a player follows diligently can make his play an effective game.

1.   Serving the ball: 

Serving is an important aspect in which the player can an earn a point directly for the team. In order to serve, the player must have a clear idea in mind about where he would like to serve i.e. the location of serving. For that, it is a trick that the player should serve it at the place where either the players are not available or the place where it is difficult for them to reach instantly. One should have an idea of the wind’s direction if the game is played on a beach. So remember that you can score easily while serving. One can serve the ball by jumping and hitting simultaneously. The player can even confuse the players of the opponent team by showing the hand and shoulder location in other direction and hitting in another direction.

2.  Blocking the ball efficiently: 

It is the most important which a player uses to defend the ball coming in his court at a fast pace. So to acquire efficiency in this skill, one has to be very alert and active and should have to keep a constant eye on the movement of the offender. One must have to observe the setter with full concentration as the setter who will raise the ball for the offender will give him an indication. He will either raise his one hand or will give certain gesture which one can easily observe. Secondly one must watch the shoulder’s movement of the hitter as the direction of the ball will be the same as the direction of hitter’s shoulders. Another important thing one must notice is the arm’s movement of the hitter, and for that, the defender must swiftly react to the situation. Ultimately have an eye to the foot of the hitter as they also give an idea about the motion of the ball.

3.  Passing the ball accurately: 

Again one must have complete knowledge about passing the ball. The player should have a clear picture about to whom he want to pass so that it can easily earn a point for him. Passing the ball can be beneficial in the situation when you don’t know what to do. Passing the ball comes out to be very handy when the player the hitter wants to smash the ball and achieve a point directly for the team.

4.  Hit with strength: 

If you hit the ball with less force, then it will give enough time and space to the opponents to react. So if you want to hit the ball, it should be hit with power and with great force. As there is a general rule in the volleyball, i.e. more the power, lesser will be the reaction time and more are the chances of winning a point. It can be practiced by standing on the net, and that net practice will be very much helpful in the real match. Hitting the ball hard with more than the normal strength can overpower the strength of the defender and in hustle, he may hit the ball in other direction and thus lose a point for the team.

5.  Knowledge of rules and regulations:

Before actually starting the game of volleyball have a clear look at the rules and terms as framed the authorities. For that go through the rulebook once and then later try to converse with the more experienced players. With time you will be acquainted with these rules. Having an understanding of the various slang terms associated with this game is useful. If you know these slang terms, then there are chances that you will get a better chance to score a point. Having a deep knowledge of all the rules can take you one step ahead as it not only can save your point but also can make you more aware of what to do and what not to do.

6.  Stay focused: 

One of the most effective tips is to stay focus while playing volleyball as there are chances that you will miss the ball if you lack in this regard. Also to remain focus keep a watch on the ball always. Have a look at the actions or gestures of other players which will not only help you to get an idea about the game but also help you in scoring better and winning the game. It may include noticing the slang words which the opponents used to hit/defend the ball. Therefore, concentration is the key here.

7.  Rotation of positions:

 It is a technique which avoids the monotonicity of the game as a player may feel boredom to play at the same location. This rotation can be done either in the clockwise direction or direction. Because if you rotate your positions, then there are very high chances that you will learn every skill required to make your game perfect and better than never before. Simultaneously it will improve the game as well.  So rotate your position keeping in mind the position of the Libero.

8. Teamwork: 

It is a task of utmost importance while playing this. As one cannot play and win this game on his own, he should take care of other players as well in case of emergency. So to score better or win the game, there should be coordination among all the players in the team. There should be a team spirit, and no one should take ego and selfishness in between it. All the players need not have eye contact, but they can contact themselves by gestures, symbols, etc. Teamwork is needed to ensure safety as if a player will play his own game then there are chances that he can hit another player in a hurry and this can lead to severe injury.

9. Maintain eye contact with the ball: 

To play better, the player must always watch the ball with care. this would help him to focus better on the game. Also, every player should notice their position and the direction of the ball so that they can act appropriately without any tension and can hit the ball accordingly. Eye contact is also needed to avoid imagination which the players generally do to make the game better and to slow down the thinking process.

10. Develop footwork: 

It is equally important while playing this game as it will help you to respond better. You can either follow the 3 step approach or 4 step approach depending upon your capability and will. The 3 step approach is left, then right and then again right or right-left-right depending upon the player whether the player is left handed or right handed. So this is equally needed in the game of volleyball to enjoy and play it better and to its full extent.

11. Dive when needed: 

A player must dive to prevent the ball hit by the hitter from falling on the ground thus saving a point for the team. One can acquire diving skill by jumping fast in the forward direction. A player may hesitate initially, but it can be acquired through regular practice. One more useful thing here is don’t dive, i.e., where dive is not needed. If a player dive at every serve or hit made by the offender, then that player is most likely to injure him which would affect his gameplay. So it should also be kept in mind while playing.

12. Proper positioning: 

It is the first step before playing the game to know how to stand while playing. The player should stand with slight bending in the forward direction, and his hands should be outside and bind together to defend the ball. Eyes should be on the ball and ears should alert to listen to the terms used by opponents and the team members. Apart from this one should take care of the head as it should be straight.

So these are some of the essential tips and tricks which one should use to play the game better. These tips should be adopted by all players to win the game quickly. Although the skills mentioned in these can take time to learn but once learned can help a player in the long run. These tips are most effective when you practice them regularly. At last, it is ultimate advice that the player must play this game with complete enthusiasm and concentration to take maximum out of the game and finally win the game with pride and honor.

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