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Published : 08 Jan 2022 05:16 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2022 05:11 PM

Association football which is commonly referred as football or can be called soccer is one of the most famous kinds of sports. It is a team support game that played between two different teams. Both the sides have eleven players each. These players are into three different categories which are attackers, midfielders, and defenders. Also, each team has a goalkeeper who saves the hits on their side. The goal is awarded to that team whose player kick the ball in the pole of the net in the opponent’s territory. According to the statistics 250 million people in the whole world are engaged with this game. It is a very healthy game and an excellent physical activity. The entire match is of 90 minutes which is divided into two halves of forty-five minutes. It is a fast game, and every player has the same importance as another one. 

History of Soccer

Researchers have found that the concept of soccer founded during Hans dynasty 206 BC to 220 AD. According to the information provided by FIFA (The Federal International de Football Association), the earliest form of the football founded in China.  They named this game cuju which means “kickball.” If we look into cuju with a wise vision, then we can observe that this Chinese game has very much resemblance to the modern football.

Modern Soccer

Today soccer is the most famous sports in the planet. Numerous countries have accepted it as their national game. The international tournaments of football played worldwide. Some of the trending competitions are FIFA world cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, The UEFA European Football Championship, Africa Cup of Nations, CONMEBOL, UEFA Champions League, etc. In these contests team from all over the world come and participate in it. This game is the best example of discipline, fellowship, and teamwork.

Tips for Soccer Defenders 

No doubt all the four characters’ attackers, defenders, midfielders and goalkeeper of a football team are essential. But defenders are given vital importance as they play a crucial role in defense of the team. They are also given more importance because the duty of full protection of the team is on their shoulders. They must have professional training and legendary skills to be able to represent their team.  Following are some set of tips that how to be a good soccer defender.

Perfect Your Physique 

As a defender, you need to attain a full-shaped body. You must have a lot of stamina for this purpose you need to exercise daily. The primary job of the defender is to stop the other team from scoring goal. A defender should pressurize the enemy so that they will tend to make some mistakes which enables you to take the possession and pass it to your attackers. You should have a fantastic physique. You have to take a controlled diet as described by your nutritionist. Add some calcium supplements in your daily food because it helps to keep your bones healthy. You have to pay a regular visit to the gym so that you can maintain a muscular body. It is vital that a defender should have a muscular body because the weak ones cannot bear the stress and pain of the soccer. Try to be hydrated whenever you are performing any physical activity. As a defender, one should do at least 10 miles running in every morning as it boosts your stamina. A good soccer defender is not only capable of a muscular body, but a healthy and friendly working brain is also a need for him.

Technical Skills  

It is every very compulsory for good defender that he should have fantastic mental skills, brain toughness with a physically fit body. When you are in the defending position is a lower center of gravity is very dangerous for you. Try to be as much as comfortable on the ground. In case you are not satisfied with your position at least show your opponent that you are the best defender in that position. Keep the pressure on your opponents, and it will force them to make a mistake it is now up to you that how to take advantage of their misfortunes. The most important technique is that you should have an eagle vision on the ball so will be able to read the mind of your foe. That will assist you a lot and prevent you from being fooled. When your enemy is coming with the ball and one of your player is trying to stop him stay near to him and form a circle around him. Whenever the ball comes out you have to take it from the opponent’s player and steadily pass it to the attacker, this can give you a tremendous scoring opportunity so you can get either level the scores or can win the match. 

Communication between the Teammates

As a defender, you should have a vast communication network with your mates. Whenever you are in trouble with the opponent, you have to communicate with your buddies in such a way that the opponents cannot get it. These must be some expressions or actions of yours. For instance, you point towards your feet to have a long pass. That will take a lot of time for you to know about this communication. But whenever you have learned this, you will be a significant threat to the opponent. Moreover, you will also need to learn that how to read the mind of your opponent this is proving very important during the play. Whenever your opponent stumbles or losses control on the ball, it is a big chance for you to eliminate the threat as a defender. You have to wisely predict the actions of your foe so that you can change your strategy according to them. If you are taking part in a league or tournament, watch the previous matches of your opponent team and try to find out their weakness. After doing that design your defense in such a way that the enemy cannot get. If achieve success in doing this, it will be much easy for you to handle your rival.

Safety While Performing Tackles

The primary skill of defense is talking.  Whenever you get the ball, try to be as smart with it, but overconfidence can be very harmful to you. Try to control the ball and your speed in such a way that your enemy can not understand you. Over accelerating the ball will result in the loss of possession. While performing the tackles, always be defensive. Any wrong movement can cause you dangerous plenty. Adapt your training to your position. Do gymnastics to make your core strong. This may result in improving your balance and control on the ball. Practice yoga and perform aerobics this will strengthen your core. Balance is the most mandatory thing for the defender. Any mistake in it can cause you a massive loss. Keep it in your mind that you have to tackle only when you are sure that you can clear the opponent and can be helpful in scoring a goal. There is no room for any misjudgment. Wait for the attacking player to make an unnecessary move this is the best chance for you as a defender. But still, your judgment is all that you have. Your tackle should be 100 percent accurate also call your teammate for assistance as he can take the ball away from the enemy while you are tackling.

Represent Calmness and Discipline

As a sportsman, you have to be calm and loving to your opponent. No matter what is happening you have to control your aggression. Try to play calmly. Avoid the foul language and teasing actions. If someone is trying to satirize, you do not take the matter into your own hands. Your priority should be informing it to the referee. Whenever you are aggressively playing it is very easy for the opponent to fool you because you have lost your mind in the aggression. Try to display the game with your brain rather than playing it through your sentiments. When you are playing, you are giving a mirror of the teachings of your elders to your rivals. Your attitude should be like it that your opponent should be impressed buy it.  It does not mean that you should forget your sportsman spirit you to play with it but also represent fellowship, discipline and nice teamwork.


Football is a very impressive kind of sport. It is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. This game is an excellent example of physical training. In just 90 minutes you can perform the required daily exercise. This game is spread all over the planet. Yearly competitions of soccer are planned in which the players from all the 220 countries come and show their talent. It is an ancient sport as the ancient Chinese invented it by the name of cuju. This game teaches us the lesson of wisdom, teamwork, and discipline. 

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