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On this day in 1971

Published : 10 Dec 2021 09:35 PM | Updated : 11 Dec 2021 03:32 PM

In the face of massive crackdown and being defeated by the freedom fighters along with Indian allied forces Pakistani occupation forces’ mental strength broke down.  

The country was just five days away from its great victory on this day in 1971.

Besides, the valiant freedom fighters along with the allied forces continued fighting to liberate the areas that were still captured by Pakistani Army in different areas of the country.

Apart from, as in the face of massive crackdown launched by the freedom fighters along with the allied forces most of Pakistani forces and their collaborators Al-Badr, Razakar, Al-Shams started fleeing the battle grounds, the people of the country were eagerly waiting for the news of the victory of the freedom fighters.

It was made clear to all that ‘The Bangladesh is on road to victory’.

On this day, December 11 in 1971, Lieutenant General Niazi inspected the Pakistani-aircraft weaponry at the Dhaka airport. 

He asked his troops to resist the allied force at any cost. 

He also showed optimism that the Pakistan army would glorify its valour. Later he talked to international journalists.

The US pressured both India and Pakistan to accept the ceasefire offer of the UN General Assembly. 

White House spokesperson Ronald Ziegler said that US president Richard Nixon was consulting the situation with his security advisor Henry Kissinger.

The allied force launched a combing operation at Govindaganj Pakistani base on Bogura-Rangpur highway. 

Pakistan troops surrendered in the early morning on December 11.

Jamalpur garrison surrendered to the allied force. 

In Haluaghat, a brigade of Pakistan troops started fleeing after fierce bloodshed. 

They destroyed numerous bridges while retreating towards Tangail.

 Another Pakistani brigade left Mymensingh and took shelter in their base. 

The allied force took control of Jamalpur by the night without any resistance.

The allied air attack remains halted temporarily following UN’s request of evacuating foreign nationals from Dhaka. 

Pakistan Major General Rao Farman Ali urged emergency ceasefire to evacuate Pakistanis from Dhaka.

A spokesperson of Pakistan army said the situation of the eastern region is not good, however, Pakistan army would never surrender, and this matter is out of the context. 

A curfew imposed in Dhaka from 3:00pm on this day in 1971.

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