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Recruitment Of Foreign Workers

Malaysia govt starts taking application from employers

Published : 28 Jan 2022 10:45 PM | Updated : 28 Jan 2022 10:46 PM

Online application for recruitment of foreign workers in the plantation sector started in Malaysia from Friday.

Application submission began through the website 

On January 15, the country's Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M Saravanan announced the recruitment of foreign workers.

A notice signed by the Minister of Human Resources on January 15 said that the government had given special approval in September last year to bring in 32,000 foreign workers to reduce the labour shortage in the plantation sector in the country. 

On January 10, Saravanan told employers that those who want to hire foreign workers can submit applications based on their actual needs.

The cabinet meeting on December 10 last year decided to appoint foreign workers in all sectors except the tree planting sector. 

The sectors approved at the meeting were agriculture, manufacturing, services, mining and quarrying, construction and domestic work. 

Applicants of other sectors including tree planting sector can apply through this website from 15th February. 

From 15 February to 30 September, eligible employers will be required to submit a Visa application with reference (VDR) for foreign workers (various sectors).

It may be mentioned that Malaysia reopened its labor market for Bangladesh after remaining suspended for three years over allegations of malpractices in the recruitment process and high recruitment costs.

However, it is feared that a syndicate of agents is being formed yet again for labour recruitment to Malaysia which would create scope for labour exploitation and obstruct the revival of labor market in Malaysia

This syndicate of agencies allegedly swindled a huge amount of money from Bangladeshi workers in the name of recruitment during 2016-18.  

Malaysian Human Resources Minister M Saravanan on January 14, sent a letter addressed to Imran Ahmed putting emphasis on the involvement of 25 Bangladeshi recruiting agencies and 10 sub agencies under each of the agencies.

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