How Dr. Rhazes is becoming the most innovative hygiene brand in Bangladesh?

Published : 01 Oct 2021 08:26 PM | Updated : 02 Oct 2021 01:53 PM

Hygiene products especially disinfectants has never been more dominant in our monthly purchase bucket as they are today. The prolonged pandemic has made it a part of our life just like daily meals. Be it a hand sanitizer, hand wash or surface disinfectant, consumers are looking for added benefits and sensibility from the brands. In very recent time, a Singapore based hygiene brand named Dr Rhazes has entered the market and been able to establish its credibility at the same level as Dettol and Lifebuoy through its innovative offering and to the point communications. The brand was launched last year and it has been rolling all over Bangladesh now. Every product it launches have distinguishable features and USPs which no other disinfectants can beat in the current market.

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The brand name, Dr Rhazes, was inspired by one of the greatest Muslim scholars, a persian physician and philosopher named Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi (commonly known as Rhazes). The brand is aimed at developing breakthrough formulations to not only fight against illness causing viruses and microorganisms but also limit health hazards by reducing frequency of usage and replacing harmful chemicals. For example, its 2hr Ultra Protect Gel is an enhanced hand sanitizer that provides continuous protection for 2hrs straight in one use (unless the hand is washed in the meantime) reducing the need to use sanitizer frequently; and its Air Freshener is made without Alcohol making it much healthier to breathe especially for kids. It is even the first to launch foaming hand washes in Bangladesh that is much gentler and sensible for skin compared to the available liquid hand washes.

The hygiene and disinfectant market has long been led by Dettol, Lifebuoy and Savlon; and none of the brands have brought any remarkable product innovation to this category. Dr Rhazes has shaken up this category not only with its differentiated offering but also with class apart packaging. Every product it develops revolves from real life problems and aiming as lasting and user friendly solutions. Its 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield protects any hard surface from germs for one week in just one use and since it is made without Alcohol, the surface doesn’t get corroded either. Its mosquito repellent skin spray and fabric roll-on are made of natural ingredients (without using harmful DEET) which keeps mosquitoes away in both closed and open environment. Its fruit and vegetables wash removes formalin and pesticides; the product is also edible grade. It has already launched wipes particularly for sensitive baby skin, and high absorption adult diapers that are made in Europe and of premium quality.

The brand ambassador, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, former cricket captain and running parliamentary member, hits on the sharp product differentiations without beating around the bush in all its communications. Highly differentiated products that are mostly designed and developed in Singapore coupled with Mashrafe’s credible image have made the brand carve its name in consumers’ mind. The brand has also been endorsed by former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly.

And finally, it keeps the price affordable for mass consumer usage. Even in the time of supply crisis or deteriorating pandemic situation, the brand never makes price hike. While it aims to bring innovative and practical hygiene solutions, it wants to do it an ethical way keeping it accessible to as mass people as possible. Also all its disinfectant products are tested and certified by either or both NABL accredited labs in India and BCSIR in Bangladesh. It doesn’t allow personal lab reports to make the claims rather always selects accredited third party labs.

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While talking to few retailers, they claimed the brand is now selling much higher than Dettol, Savlon or Lifebuoy in sanitizer and disinfectants especially from the drug stores. The renowned drug stores i.e. Lazz Pharma have unparalleled visibility of its products in almost all its stores.  

It’s good that a long innovation stagnant category is going through such disruption. As the brand is poised to make entry to home care and dermatological product with similar innovations, it will be exciting as well to see how the competing brands react to combat against Dr Rhazes, for sure the most innovative hygiene brand of Bangladesh.

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