Educated and Skilled Youths

Key to economic uplift

Published : 19 Apr 2019 08:06 AM | Updated : 03 Oct 2021 10:01 PM

The need for educated and skilled manpower for an organisation is beyond question. For a country, too, this works as one of the top forces to advance towards prosperity and economic uplift. The educated and skilled manpower leads the nation towards complete economic emancipation and helps develop it socially and culturally. 

Today’s world, with the advent of modern technology in education sector, has become faster, and it is time to revamp the country’s education to keep pace with it. Undoubtedly, a skilled manpower is the key to efficiently move a nation’s economic wheel. 

In Bangladesh, the government has set up quite a good number of specialised universities across the country with a view to diversifying education and creating more job opportunities. Yes, these have already produced some good results but, at the same time, have been unable to ensure jobs for every educated student, which is justified by the growing unemployment problem over the past recent years. 

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Alongside high pass rates in almost every public exam, literacy rate has substantially increased (to 72.3 per cent) due to massive educational programmes like free textbook distribution, providing stipends and financial assistance to students etc. On the contrary, the rising rate of unemployment makes it clear that it has not been possible to ensure work opportunities for all. 

A Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics said that currently there are more than 30 lakh unemployed people in the country with rural areas having twice the number than in urban areas. 

The government survey finds employment scenario nearly unchanged since 2013 while independent experts say the number could be higher. All these mean that jobs are not available for the huge number of educated youths to the extent as education has been for everyone. 

Consequently, the country is deprived of a large amount of economic turnover which could be availed through employing these youths. Unfortunately, ministries and different government offices have a huge shortage of manpower whereas we have to witness student demonstrations for job. 

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Therefore, alongside making the youths educated and skilled, a fitting job should be made available for them. The most coveted development goals can be achieved only if the best utilisation of human resources is made. And to do that, the government must not hesitate to reshape recruitment policies in the interest of the larger section of students.