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ZHSUST starts classes in person again

Published : 17 Oct 2021 10:29 PM | Updated : 18 Oct 2021 11:41 AM

A year and a half later, physical classes have started at Z. H. Sikder University of Science and Technology. At 9:30 am on Sunday, the university authorities welcomed the students with flowers in the classroom. Meanwhile, after returning to the classroom after a long time, the students have expressed their excitement.

When Covid-19 infection started in the country in March last year, Physical class activities at Z. H. Sikder University of Science and Technology. Then at the end of that month of the same year, the university administration started online class activities. Meanwhile, as the Covid-19 infection rate in the country decreases, the government of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission ordered universities to start classes from October 17th. Z. H. Sikder University of Science and Technology authorities decided to start physical classes following this decision. According to that decision, classes have started from Sunday like the first day of physical education in the university. From last October 9, the halls of the university have been opened for the residential students in a hygienic manner.

Meanwhile, when asked about coming to class physically after a long time, Ryan Islam Pial, a law student, said, ‘Because of Covid-19, I was almost isolated from the classroom for a long time, from friends. But now being able to sit in the same classroom with everyone again is an overwhelming joy.’

Vice-Chancellor Professor Talukdar Lokman Hakim said, ‘We have created Standard Operator Proceedings (SOPs) on behalf of the university to conduct physical classes in compliance with hygiene rules, distribute them among students and teachers are aware of this. I greeted the students with flowers in the morning following the hygiene rules.’

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