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Women want to continue the momentum

Published : 24 Jun 2022 08:22 PM | Updated : 25 Jun 2022 05:52 PM

Bangladesh women’s national football team, who triumphed a half dozen goals victory over their Malaysian counter parts on Thursday, expect to continue the momentum in the second match to take place tomorrow.

The women’s team, who fielded in the international circuit after nine months to play FIFA international match against a stronger side Malaysian women’s team, demonstrated outstanding performance to have a 6-0 goals win. 

It was just not predicted that the Bangladesh girls could have such an unexpected result against the team, who are far ahead of them in FIFA ranking and suffered a defeat by 2-1 goals five years back. 

But Golam Rabbani Chiton, Bangladesh women’s team coach, who has been working with this team for a long when talking to the Bangladesh Post on Friday in his reaction said that it was not impossible to win against Malaysia but really unexpected to have such a big win. 

“You see, Malaysia is stronger than us, they beat us by 2-1 in an international invitation tournament Singapore and they are ahead of us in FIFA ranking, all the record are in favor of them. “Everything is Okay, but five years back we have an immature side, almost all the girls of the team were 15-17 years old, besides Sabina Khatam (now the team’s captain)) and goalkeeper Sabina, all were age group players. With those junior booters we fought almost equally with the then matured Malaysian team, though they won by 2-1.”

“I have every belief on my girls that they will do a good result and I also told it in the pre-match press conference that our team will play competitive game. They would have to play with our plan and execute the technique and tactics, we briefed them in the practice session and they just performed accordingly,” Choton explained the reason behind their big win. 

Choton when asked what their expectation in the next games to be held tomorrow, said, “Actually, forgetting what happened in the previous match, we will have to start a fresh, a new match. In fact I always try to be realistic and told players that they will have to focus on the match with planning,” Choton replied to a query.

“The first match we won by a big margin because of the proper execution of plans and they finished well the opportunities came to their ways. But there is no scope to take Malaysia lightly. They are strong side, have ability to bounce back but our players will have to demonstrate disciplined game.”

“We have a recovery secession today (Friday) with the playing eleven and the players of the side- bench had a moderate session. So for the next match, I like to say that players will have to be very sincere to play a divined game and obviously will have to execute the plans to make cool finish the chances will be produced and we expect another good result,” Choton revealed.

Replying to another query Choton said, “If we can play against the stronger teams, our players skills will be developed, they would be more matured to play any big team.”

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