Traders doing good business despite pandemic

Shops and malls were given the green light over a week ago despite the ongoing lockdown. 

Streets and markets were seen crowded similar during the Ramadan days. Unlike last year, traders are commercially active in the country this year. 

Restrictions to tackle the second wave of Covid-19 this year are very different from the last year. 

With shops and malls allowed to function, the capital is currently experiencing its regular level of heavy traffic. City dwellers are actively moving inside the malls and marketplaces in order to satisfy their festive needs.

Public of all ages were seen crowding New Market and its neighbouring market places such as the Badruddoza Super Market, Noorjahan Market, Gawsia, Chandni Chwak Shopping Complex, etc. 

“We were skeptical wheather we would be able to do any business at all this year as well. After the on and off decisions, we are glad that this decision was taken, otherwise it would have been a question of our survival”, said Sabbir, owner of a clothing store in Badruddoza Super Market. 

While talking to this correspondent, owner of a cosmetic shop in the capital’s New Market, Harun Ahmed, said that after last year’s dull business, it would have been impossible for him and his fellow shopkeepers to live in the city. 

Hafiz Ahmed, owner of two clothing stores in Noorjahan Market told Bangladesh Post that sales are now better than expected.

“We thought that the restrictions are going to harm the business. Earlier, we had no businesses there. People this time are more active and we are maintaining a good flow of business in line with the hygiene measures”, he added. 

Customers were filling the malls with necessary intent, some maintaining the hygiene rules and some without. In most shopping centers, maintaining the health and safety rules appeared a big challenge due to the heavy flow of customers.

“People target to make certain purchases this time. People buy clothes to celebrate Eid”, a customer said.

Another customer said, “Last year’s Eid was very dull. This year, maintaining with the health measures, we are being able to celebrate Eid and we are looking to make the most of it”.

During iftar, people were seen sitting in groups on the floors of malls to have their food. 

The restrictions allow traders to keep shops open till 8pm. However, shop owners demanded to extend the business hour till 12:00am. It will extend their business till post iftar time.