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Too many brick kilns, too much pollution

Published : 05 Feb 2022 09:55 PM | Updated : 06 Feb 2022 01:53 PM

Brick kilns swamp almost all districts of the country. The growing demands of bricks and brick kilns are on the rise. But, the environment is being polluted and human being as well as animals, birds and fishes are being the worst sufferer of it.

Experts said that people have been suffering from skin disease, headache, eye irritation, lung disease, and respiratory diseases such as, asthma, bronchitis and others problems due to the air pollution. 

Brick kilns damage air quality and human health and in toxic pollutants seriously affect the lives of billions.

However, most of the owners of brick kilns in the country do not comply with proper rules set by the government. Many brick kiln owners use firewood as fuel. Trees of forests are being destroyed. Moreover, fertile soil is being cut as it is used as the main raw material for making bricks.

Moreover, people living nearby of the brick kilns are suffering from various illnesses including respiratory diseases

The brick kilns emit toxic fumes containing suspended particulate matters rich in carbon particles and high concentration of carbon monoxides and oxides of sulphur (SOx) that are harmful to eye, lungs and throat. These air pollutants stunt the mental and physical growth of children.

The main reason for harmful emission from brick kilns is the use of poor quality coal and biomass, mainly firewood. The main pollutants which are emitted from the brickfields are particulate matter (PM), some hazardous gases like CO2, CO, NOX, NO and SO2.

Air pollution in Gazipur, Dhaka, Narayanganj is five times higher than the standard level, a recent study conducted by the Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) reveled.

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