Temperature may rise today: Met office

Sweeping severe cold wave stopped on Monday as the temperature started rising across the country. 

According to Meteorological Department, in the meantime, two to three degree Celsius temperature increased in some parts of the country.

At the same time, with the rising temperature, some parts of the country will witness light to moderate rainfall, sources of the Meteorological Department said.

Meteorologist Bazlul Rashid said, the temperature started to increase but as the night and day temperature difference is very little with the coverage of dense fog and mist, people are still facing the intensity of the winter.

"Within the next few days fog will disappear, sunlight will be available, then situation will improve", the Meteorologist said

The official in charge of the BMD said that due to fog, sunlight was not visible during the day in different places of the country. 

Cool air flows from north and northwest as the temperature did not rise as expected, the official added.

Meteorologists say the temperature is 6-8 degrees Celsius with moderate chill, and 4-6 degree Celsius with severe frost. 8-10 degree can be said to be mild cold wave. As a result, a mild cold wave is flowing over Rajshahi, Pabna, Jashsore, Tetulia and Chuadanga. However, in some areas, daytime temperatures have risen.

The maximum temperature in Dhaka on Saturday was 15.5 degrees Celsius. It was 16 degree Celsius on Sunday. The minimum temperature was 12 degrees Celsius on Saturday, 13 degrees on Friday.

Meanwhile, the met department, in its morning forecast, said weather may remain dry with partly cloudy sky over the country.

"Moderate to thick fog may occur at places over the country during midnight to morning," it said adding that "night and day temperature may remain nearly unchanged over the country."

The lowest temperature was recorded at 10.1 degrees Celsius in Faridpur today, while the highest was 26.6 degrees Celsius in Teknaf, the met office said.

According to Meteorological Department sources, the cold wave continued to blow over the north and north western region with severe temperatures in the capital. 

Day labourers are unable to get any job while roads and markets remain empty during the daytime.  On the other hand, people of Kurigram scarcely saw sunlight since last Wednesday. Night and day temperature remains almost same. On Saturday, met office recorded 12 degree Celsius temperature on Saturday. 

The farm-labourers in the northwest regions could not do normal work and fewer numbers of people were seen outside homes as thick layers of fog covered the sun throughout Friday. 

In hospitals, upazila health complexes and community clinics, the number of patients with pneumonia, fever, asthma and respiratory problems marked rising.