Syndicate discouraging Malaysia to hire BD workers

An uncertainty griped over the arrival of a Malaysian delegation to Bangladesh as a syndicate of different recruiting agencies were spreading rumour on the hiring of workers from country, said sources. Although, Malaysian government showed their interest on hiring labours from Bangladesh, a syndicate has been discouraging the Malaysian delegation for not to come to Bangladesh.

If the government directly sends the workers to Malaysia on G2G basis, Bangladeshi workers may go Malaysia at a reasonable cost. In this circumstance, different agencies will not get extra benefit from the workers. That is why they are trying to discourage the delegation, an agency member said seeking anonymity.

About the syndication, Imran Ahmed, Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, on Wednesday told the National Parliament that a syndicate was trying to spreading rumour to the Malaysian delegation. “We are against the so-called syndicate. Due to the incompetence of one category of vendors, many others have been deprived of the benefits provided by the Malaysian government. However, monitoring process has been strengthened. They will get the benefits back and Bangladeshi workers could go there at a reasonable cost”, said minister Imran Ahmed.

The minister added that misleading information was coming through various sources. Particularly, some of the most egregious statements were circulated through the social media. In this context, real information is needed to ensure transparency and eliminate confusion as well.

Warning the syndicate, the minister said, “Please do not let any responsible person be misled with rumours or wrong comments based on futile information or comments. Because it sends the wrong message abroad, the labour market of the country is affected. It has a negative impact on the country’s image. And the self-styled palace benefits. General workers who are expatriates and foreigners are affected.”

In addition, the minister also said the syndication won’t do anything as various discussion with Bangladesh government and Malaysian government both are agreed against any kind of syndication. Moreover, a delegation from Malaysia is expected to visit Dhaka on November 24 to meet the government at a Joint Working Meeting to work out on their commitment for hiring Bangladeshi workers under certain conditions.

Contacted over mobile phone, Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Secretary Selim Reza declined to make any comment while Imran Ahmed, the Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment could not be reached for his comment.

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