Startup Chattogram focuses on women empowerment

Published : 28 May 2022 10:33 AM | Updated : 28 May 2022 10:33 AM

Entrepreneurship is all about participation and engagement in the process of building innovation, selling, and reaping profits with bared risks. Women being equal to men kick-starts the role of entrepreneurship in a country. Highly empowered with dedication and backed support of government policies, the frequency of women entrepreneurs is increasing day by day. Startup Chattogram helps women entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in starting a business and making it succeed. We support startups and founders in general, but we also provide special support for women founders and teams that include women.

We want to be part of the process of making the world a better place for women and therefore for everyone else!

In addition to providing services such as mentorship, funding support to women entrepreneurs, apprenticeship and corporate partnerships, startup Chattogram encourages entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journeys, stories & experiences to nurture mutual learning.

Startup Chattogram platform, as a driver of change, will also promote offline initiatives and outreach programmes to promote entrepreneurial spirit among potential women entrepreneurs, in collaboration with partner organizations.

Also, we offer incubation and acceleration support to women-founded / co-founded startups through its various partners who handhold women entrepreneurs registered with startup Chattagram and provide them with the necessary support to help them start and scale up.

As we all know Chattagram is a progressive city, still the work environment for women entrepreneurs here is a big issue. They are expected to spend more time taking care of their families and children which leaves them with less time and energy to spend on building and growing their businesses. Social expectations are stricter on women than men in this regard in most cultures and societies. That’s why Startup Chattogram provides the best Workplace with free space, internships, and a larger facility to work from home.

Finding the money needed to start a business is challenging for both men and women entrepreneurs, but women are proving to be facing even more challenges in this area.

Startup Chattogram helps in raising capital for female-owned businesses by introducing them to angel investors and VCs through its programmes. 

In some business networking events, you can count women attendees on the one hand. Not having access to a network of businessmen and businesswomen who can support your business might be just another challenge for female founders. The more women in business there are the easier and more encouraging it is for other women to become entrepreneurs. Start-up Chattogram not only helps you in growing your business but also their training programmes and leadership skills helps you establish your startup, thus you can see the attendance of female entrepreneurs in our programmes are commendable.

Startup Chattogram has been helping women entrepreneurs by partnering with Corporate, NGOs, research organisations, incubators, accelerators, etc. who can provide support in any form to the women entrepreneurs.

We support women entrepreneurs by helping them in starting their businesses, transforming their ideas into startups, and building their products. After building the product, Startup Chattogram  can help you with marketing and promoting it and in increasing your sales and entering new markets through our growth and scaling program.

Startup Chattagram has a huge network of angel investors, mentors, regional partners, and representatives. It helps women in starting their own businesses from scratch. We will help you in validating your idea, writing your business plan, approaching angel investors and VCs that are supporting female-owned businesses and building your products.

Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of every economic recovery. Supporting women entrepreneurs is one of the most effective tools to revive growth, create jobs, and generate transformational economic impact. So join startup Chattogram on this journey of growth.