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Sheikh Hasina won’t compromise with any capricious demand

Published : 22 Jan 2022 10:38 PM | Updated : 23 Jan 2022 02:11 PM

The US seems to have been in serious predicament for its sudden and preposterous stance against Bangladesh.

However, it is clear that the fear of sanctions cannot bend Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from her firm stand that she takes for the continued progress of the country.

In spite of that the US may frantically try for face-saving as Bangladesh did not care a damn about the sanctions. It has raised the complain of self-contradiction against the US. It is crystal clear that the government of Bangladesh will not submit to any self-contradictory decision imposed by the US.

People of this country are more or less aware of the US sanctions. These sanctions do not create any reactions among the people at present. The present government is fully aware of the stand taken previously by the US.

A certain kind of anti-US feeling and opinion are already existing among the people of this country owing to the vigorous anti-people role played by the US in 1971. People are not still into oblivion of the naked US support to the Pakistan military junta who let loose a reign of terror in Bangladesh by the wholesale killing of the innocent Bengalees and repression and brutal torture on women. People of Bangladesh have not still forgotten the cruel torture perpetrated by the Pakistani junta.

When the government under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina was taking action against the anti-humanist forces, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and subsequently John Kerry recommended the cancellation of the execution of the killers but Sheikh Hasina firmly rejected their illegal and capricious request.

In the context of the situation obtaining in the country, it is the prime and foremost duty of the government to protect the sovereignty of the country and take it forward with nonstop development. In no circumstances, the government will tolerate the militant activities of the terrors who are killing innocent people with petrol bomb and arson attack. Some measures and steps taken by the US seem that the US is doing favour to the killers and anti-socials and it appears that the US government thinks it as its vital duty. And it has created anger among the people of Bangladesh.

It is noted that the US Ambassador to Dhaka Earl R. Miller left Dhaka without having any audience with the Prime Minister.

Sheikh Hasina does not seem to be amenable to any illegal demand or request from any quarters. We are certain that Sheikh Hasina will never bow to any illegal and capricious request. To keep a suitable relation with Bangladesh, any country has to desist from any illegal demand. Everybody has to keep it in mind that Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the Bangabandhu, will not compromise with any capricious demand. It should further be remembered that in the progress and development of Bangladesh, the US has insignificant role. Meanwhile, China and other countries have come forward to play a vital role in development of Bangladesh.

The situation in Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has changed over the decades and it has advanced quite a long way. It will be difficult to pull it back as the people of Bangladesh have already got the taste of development. The world order has also changed and it is quite different from that of the situation in 1975. Bangladesh has created a number of development partners by dint of its pragmatic policy under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Hasina can be a best friend to any country and she can do a lot for the friends. But nothing can be achieved by capricious means. The things she dislikes most is the self-contradictory policy by any country.  

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