Food Review

Shakshuka at Oro

Mahbub Joy

Personally I consider Shakshuka as a comfort food because it never makes me uncomfortable even though I feast heavily on it. At the same time it gives me fuel (the egg part actually does that) to go through the whole day. This Shakshuka is from the brunch section of Oro Holey menu and trust me this is a perfect brunch item. Why? Check above, I have already mentioned the reasons. This Shakshuka is no fancy delicacy but this one had its authenticity right.

 The whole dish is full of tomato flavour from the smell to the flavors, slightly tangy and very slightly sweet. The dish had a herby smell and I could tell that it had paprika in it. It also had underneath the poached eggs abundance of onions and capsicum cut into small pieces. In every spoon I tried to take, there was everything from egg to capsicum and plenty of thick tomato gravy. That's when I tasted the real taste of Shakshuka.

Place: Oro, Rangs FC Enclave,
House 6/A Rd 32, Dhaka 1212
Rating: 8/10
Price: BDT 800++
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