Seize the opportunity Rohingya groups tell Myanmar

The Arakan Rohingya Union and the European Rohingya Council in a joint statement welcomed the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on provisional measures on the Rohingya genocide case filed by Gambia.

They call on the government of Myanmar “to depart from the position of being an international pariah state and re-align itself with the world community of nations following the international laws and norms.”

“The government of Myanmar must seize this opportunity and address the Rohingya issues first through materialising the provisional measures,” they said in a joint statement sent to Bangladesh Post.

The Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) is an umbrella group for Rohingya organisations from around the world. The ARU works to protect the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
The European Rohingya Council is an association of Rohingya activists live in European countries.

They warmly welcomed the ICJ ruling approved unanimously by the 17 judges, including the adhoc-judge from the Myanmar side.
It carries the order to the government of Myanmar to take all measures within its power to cease all the acts of genocide against Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar.

In the joint statement, the two groups work for Rohingyas said the Court order on provisional measures are binding under the international law, and being a signatory of the Genocide Convention, Myanmar government has full obligation to abide by the Court Order.

“Once the issues of crimes of genocide are addressed by Myanmar as directed by the Court, opportunities exist to address the re-instatement of Rohingya citizenship, ethnic identity, human rights, security, and socio-economic issues by Myanmar government if it is serious in resolving the Rohingya crisis,” read the joint statement.