SAJIDA Foundation and Renata Ltd. Joined forces to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Published : 06 Apr 2020 06:08 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:06 PM

SAJIDA Foundation was formed in 1987 informally as a small garage school for disadvantaged and disabled children. It formally began in 1993 as a non profit organization dedicated to good health, happiness and dignity. It serves people through 3 categories of interventions. They are- Financial Services, Development programs and through Social Enterprises across 26 districts in Bangladesh.

SAJIDA Foundation has teamed up with Renata Ltd, successor to Pfizer Inc. in Bangladesh, to battle the COVID-19 pandemic along with the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)  of Bangladesh. SAJIDA has already reached 516,534 people through its different initiatives. The Foundation turned its Narayanganj hospital into an isolation center for coronavirus patients. It is one of the first hospital from the private sector to take such a step. With the support from Renata Ltd. They have already distributed about 9000 Personal Protective Equipment units or PPEs.

SAJIDA Foundation has distributed food and hygiene packages to more than 10,000 people till date among poor households, rural areas and in slums and streets in Bangladesh.

SAJIDA Foundation is actively engaged in educating communities on COVID-19. They installed more than 400 hand washing stations, stacking up to approximately another 800 stations or more in the upcoming weeks. They have also distributed close to 300 garbage cans to the vulnerable ready made garment factories as well.

SAJIDA Foundation has launched awareness initiatives for the elderly, chronically ill, children with special needs and are trying to address and acknowledge mental health issues through telephone counselling. They are also working with BRAC and Kaan Petey Roi to establish a Nationwide Counseling Hotline for every kind of people. They have reached more than 120,000 people through phone calls and have also setup a 24/7 hotline for doctor consultation.

Through a joint collaboration The Chatbot ‘Covid-19 Response Bangladesh’, has been initiated: A one stop knowledge and service hub features key facts of COVID-19, Emergency help, Self-care and protection instructions, Symptoms Checker, Mental Health Support, Doctor’s Portal, and Volunteer sign-up etc. Till now, more than 5000 users have reached this platform and 450+ volunteers registered through Chatbot.

SAJIDA Foundation and Renata Ltd. will assemble and arrange all their resources to combat this pandemic in Bangladesh to its level best and reach around 1 million people in the coming months.

However, we also greatly welcome and seek your assistance, financial or in goods, to better serve our people and nation in this global catastrophe.

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