Reckless driving causes deadly road crashes

Slow speed, over speed and tendency of overtaking are the main reasons behind the increasing number of road accidents in highways, experts say.
In 2019 most of the accidents took place in highways. The number of total accidents in 2019 was much higher than that of the previous year.
At least 5,227 people were killed and 6,953 were injured in 4,702 road accidents, in 2019. Accident Researcher Institutes’ (ARI) Saiful Haque opined that, “It is clear that drivers who drive trucks don’t obey traffic laws in highways. They run their vehicle at high speed which leads to accidents.”
Sudden appearance of slow speed vehicles in highways and tendency of overtaking at high speed are two reasons for accidents, he added.
He also mentioned that drivers need to be cautious and highway authorities must ban slow speed vehicles from plying highways.
Transport expert Rezaul Karim suggests that, separate lanes should be made for speedy and slow-speed vehicles.
He also points out that, necessary initiatives should be devised to train school-college about road safety so that they can be able spread conscious an=among their students about road safety.

According to an annual statistics of Nirapad Sarak Chai, the number of vehicles responsible for accidents in 2019 were - bus 992, truck 1 thousand 33, motorcycle 1 988, covered van 160, microbus 158, nasimon 83, car 79 and others (CNG / van / pick-up) 2,178.
Some 1,190 drivers of these vehicles were killed, making up 22 percent of the total casualties. Total 2,000 pedestrians had died, which is 50.88 percent of the total accidents.

Nischa Chairman Elias Kanchan recommends implementing road transport laws to reduce road accidents. It was mentioned that the Road Transport Act 2018 have not been fully implemented yet.

He also mentioned that a vested group is spreading fear among the public and drivers about the law. The law is not meant to impose fines, but to bring back discipline on the road. If everyone abides by the law, discipline will stored on the road.
Most of the road accidents in this country take place due to man-made reasons. As a result, road accidents are increasing geometrically, he added.