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PM’s energy-saving initiatives start yielding fruit

Published : 26 Jul 2022 09:42 PM

Amid the global energy crisis, various initiatives, taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to tackle the energy and power crisis, have already started to show a positive impact.

These initiatives have kept the country safe from any power disaster and are expected to result in a better future as well. 

On the other hand, some of the decisions, including the shutting of markets and shopping centres after 8:00 pm have eased traffic and improved the traffic movement situation in the capital Dhaka and other important cities.

It should be known that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken various initiatives to keep the country crisis-free amid the global energy crisis. Various instructions have already been started to save electricity. Various instructions have already been started to be effective to save electricity.

A special report on Bangladesh's incredible economic and poverty alleviation success has been published in the latest edition of Newsweek, a world-renowned magazine based in the United States. In the report, it is said that for more than a decade, Sheikh Hasina as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh has kept the wheels of the country's internal economy moving with wise and strong leadership.

It is known that last Monday (July 25) she directed the entire cabinet to cut costs. She has even ordered the cabinet members to increase their communication virtually without running around spending fuel oil for cars.

In the meeting held on Monday, the Prime Minister also gave some more instructions. In those directives, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also asked the authorities concern not to purchase such materials, which are less important for now. 

She also directed the government officials to avoid foreign travel with government money.

Earlier on July 23 (Saturday), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that considering the future aspect, the government has taken various initiatives to save energy.

“We should not be upset even if the opposition parties criticize the government decision”, she told it while addressing a function on the occasion of ‘Celebrating National Public Service Day’ and ‘Bangabandhu Public Administration Medal-2022’ giving. 

The Prime Minister said that not only Bangladesh but also many developed countries of Europe and America are also victims of the US ban on the exchange of dollars with Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

She said, “In this circumstance, the process for the purchase of fertiliser, food and fuel is being hampered. Not only Bangladesh, but the whole world has also fallen into a miserable condition. This is the reality.”

On July 18, in another meeting held at the Prime Minister's office regarding the ongoing energy crisis, the government decided to reduce the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fuel oil to save foreign exchange. 

Besides, it was also decided that all the diesel-powered power plants would also be closed for the time being.

As per the government decision, to meet the shortage of electricity, the electricity department will carry out load shedding for one hour a day across the country, which has been implemented across the country since July 19.