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Onion imports begin to tame price surge

15,000 tonnes of Indian onion arrives

Published : 08 Jun 2023 10:29 PM

After a halt of two and a half months, import of Indian onions resumed on Monday, bringing relief to Bangladesh's soaring onion market. 

The Ministry of Agriculture has allowed import of five lakh four thousand metric tons of onions, with 15,000 tonnes having already arrived in the country by Thursday.

Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Public Relations Officer (Senior Information Officer) of the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed the import figures. The decision to allow onion imports was made in an effort to prevent the abnormal increase in onion prices in the local market.

On Thursday, various wholesale onion markets in the capital witnessed traders selling imported Indian onions alongside different varieties of local onions. The price of imported Indian onion is being sold at Tk 325 per palla (5 kg). As a result other variety of local onion prices has also fell that exceeded Tk 100 per kg few days back. 

Despite the reduction in onion prices after the Indian import, buyers expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that the prices were still high compared to the recent surge. The current market rates remain beyond the reach of the lower and middle classes, and buyers believe the government needs to play a stronger role in curbing the influence of dishonest traders' syndicates.

While the wholesale market has experienced a decrease in prices, the impact has not yet reached the retail market. Onions are still being sold at prices ranging from Tk 90 to Tk 100 per kg in neighborhood grocery stores.

As the imported Indian onions continue to enter the country, it is expected that the prices will further stabilize, providing relief to consumers who have been affected by the prolonged price surge. The Ministry of Agriculture and relevant authorities will continue monitoring the market closely to ensure a fair and affordable onion supply for all citizens.