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None keen to make alliance with BNP

Published : 04 Aug 2022 09:54 PM

After four years of the 11th Parliament election, BNP at last admitted that its electoral strategy in 2018 under the leadership of Ganoforum leader Dr Kamal Hossain was wrong.

Although the BNP could understand its mistake, it could not yet repair its political damages.

Neither could it be able to revive its earlier 20-party alliance, nor form a new platform.

Although the BNP, which earlier had been in power several times, was trying to forge a strong anti-government movement before the next 12th National Elections, could not come to a consensus with others.

The party so far has held meetings with at least 22 minor parties. But, they could not agree with the BNP due to mistrust among each other.

They were yet to decide whether they would forge a united movement from a single platform or a simultaneous movement.  

Sources said, the BNP and its allies are now facing a leadership crisis severely.    

It should be mentioned that some of the BNPs senior most leaders opined that that it was a wrong decision to make Dr Kamal Hossain their ‘Imam’, the commander of the Nagorik Oikya, under which, BNP, Jamaat and other other parties of the 20-party alliance centring the 11th Parliament Elections. 

BNP’s Standing Committee Member Dr Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain, who is one of the senior most and a policy maker of the BNP, came up with this view on August 3 while speaking at a roundtable held at National Press Club.

At the meeting, Dr Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain admitted that they were yet to recover from the fault they made four years ago.

He, however, said that they were trying to forge a movement against the government and discussions with different political parties in this regard were on.

He also admitted that it has not yet been decided whether the movement would be a simultaneous movement or a united movement under a single platform.

It should be mentioned that till August 3, BNP held separate meetings with a total of 22 parties, including 12 of its earlier 20-party alliance. 

Those parties include Islami Oikya Jote (one of the two portions), National Democratice Party, Islamic Party, Liberal Democratic Party LDP), Labour Party, National Awami Party (NAP-Bhashani), Muslim League, Jamiyat-e-Ulama-e-Islam (One of the two portions), Samyabadi Dal (One of the two portions), Democratic League (DL), Bangladesh People;s League, Jatiya Dal, Gano Odhikar Parishad, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD-One of the three portions), Nagorik Oikya, Bangladesh Biplabi Wirkers Party and Gano Sanghati Andolan, Gano Sanghati Parishad and Gano Forum (One of the two portions).

Starting from May 24, the BNP at the meetings had tried to make all the parties launch a movement against the government from a single platform. But, most of the parties did not agree with the BNP.

Many of the leaders of BNP and other parties are not sure whether they would take part in the next elections or not.

BNP’s another standing committee member Gayeshwar Roy on August 2 said that people of the country are not sure whether BNP would take part in the next election or not. 

“Before the 11th parliament election, BNP told the people of the country that it would not take part in the elections. But, later we took part in it”, he said while speaking at a function at the National Press Club. 

Nagorik Oikya President Mahmudur Rahman Manna also expressed the same view while speaking at a seminar held on August 2 at National Press Club. 

Mannan said people of the country neither believe in the ruling Awami League nor in the BNP as the opposition party.

Although his party held meetings with the BNP for a movement, his party did not agree with the BNP on a united movement. Rather, his party along with some other minor parties announced that they were about to form a separate platform named ‘Ganotantra Mancha’.

Meanwhile, Nurul Huq Nuru, Secretary general of Gano Odhikar Manch, on August 2 said that they could forge a movement against the government, but they would not share or hand over the power to BNP.