New syllabus for pry students

The government has decided to reopen schools and colleges from March 30 and all other educational institutions will be reopened in phases.

In the meantime, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has prepared a short syllabus on how much of the syllabus can be taught in classroom after the opening of the educational institutions.

In consultation with the National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE), it has been finalized how much of the syllabus will be taught after reopening the institutions.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has already published a short syllabus for the period from March to November, this year.

According to the officials, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) prepared the short syllabus at the direction of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, keeping it in mind as much syllabus as possible will be completed till November 30 after the schools reopen.

Classes for fifth, tenth and twelfth students will be six days a week. Classes for other classes will be once a week. It will be two days later. Normal class activities will start in phases. However, pre-primary classes are not starting.

Education Minister Dipu Moni on Saturday said at a press briefing that classes will be held in the month of Ramadan. Educational institutions will remain closed only during the Eid holidays.

In this regard, Shah Alam, Director General (Additional Secretary) of National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE) told Bangladesh Post, "Since the time of the year when the educational institutions will be reopened, an outline has been sent to NCTB on how to teach in the classroom.”

However, all the educational institutions remained closed since March 17 last year to curb spread of coronavirus. The shutdown was extended in phases until 28 February.

The government and educational institutions tried to take classes through internet, television channels or radio stations during the shutdown, but the efforts did not fully succeed.

The authorities are preparing to reopen the educational institutions as the spread of coronavirus has decreased and vaccination started across the country.

Earlier, a decision was taken to start classes at all the public and private universities from May 24 with the reopening of the residential halls on May 17.