Nazmus Sakib: A Bangladeshi physician with a global vision

Published : 26 Jan 2022 06:44 PM | Updated : 26 Jan 2022 06:44 PM

Wafi Hassan Bhuiyan

Dr Nazmus Sakib is a promising physician of Bangladesh. He has long been practicing as an eminent pediatrician in Beijing. His thriving career as a physician started with the declaration, "I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity." And since then, not a single day has passed by when he didn’t stick to his valuable oaths. He is staying true and honest wholeheartedly to the goal of serving humanity worldwide. He has relentlessly proved how hardworking and passionate a doctor can and should be. He is not only focusing on Bangladesh but also thinking more open mindedly and with a vision of establishing good healthcare globally.

Though the journey seemed to be smooth, it was actually not. The vision of establishing first class healthcare worldwide was not a matter to be taken lightly. It needed a thousand times more effort and diligence. His hard work, dedication and a quest to do better was unstoppable. In order to strengthen the Global Healthcare System, Dr Nazmus Sakib traveled to the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Thailand. Dr Nazmus Sakib is a Pediatrician living in Beijing, China for over twelve years. He has worked at the National Center for Children’s Health, Beijing Children’s Hospital, China. He is also a PhD Fellow at Peking University First Hospital, China.

In January 2020, Dr Nazmus Sakib returned to the United Arab Emirates after completing his scheduled visit to Egypt. While in Dubai, he came to know about the lockdown in Wuhan, China. He decided to return to Beijing quickly, shortening his stay in the UAE. At that time foreigners were leaving China. He was discouraged by his friends and well-wishers from returning to China, but he was determined to return. He heard that there was a crisis of medical equipment in China, especially Masks & PPEs. He returned to Beijing on January 24, 2020 the day after Wuhan's lock-down collecting masks for his Chinese friends from Dubai. He played a heroic role in fighting COVID-19 as a front-line warrior, which was widely acclaimed. His Chinese friends have since been calling him a "Foreigner with a Chinese Heart" and a "Friend of China".

When asked, Dr Nazmus Sakib said, “From professional responsibility and love for my second home, China, I canceled all further UAE programs and decided to return back to China immediately.” He further added that “As my friends came to know about my decision, they discouraged me from returning to China as foreigners were leaving the country. To be honest, I was also very scared as there was no sufficient information about the new virus. It was indeed a very difficult choice, but I was determined to go back voluntarily to fight the war against COVID-19.”.

Dr Nazmus Sakib has participated in many international trainings on COVID-19, including the World Health Organization, Harvard University Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, St. George's University, New England Journal of Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Muhammad Bin Rashid University, etc.

He is also doing research on COVID-19 with several countries including China, and Bangladesh. His "Health and Technology" project is listed by the world's top university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. In addition, his project “AI-Cloud for Digital Healthcare” for Emerging Economies got invited to present at the Silicon Valley, USA.

From his first-hand experience, he wrote many articles on COVID-19 which were published in China's leading newspapers namely - People’s Daily, China Daily, Global Times, etc. The article published in the People's Daily got the status of "Most Read Article". His written and widely acclaimed articles have been tweeted on various websites around the world, including the Embassies of China. Peking University also posted the articles to their website in English and Chinese.  He conducted a lot of seminars at educational institutions like University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Sunshine Grammar School & College, etc. to educate the Students, Faculties, Parents, and Public about COVID-19.

Dr Nazmus Sakib is working on COVID-19 in China as well as in Bangladesh. He participated in many Live Talk Shows both home & abroad on various TV Channels including RTV, NTV, Jamuna TV, News24, CPlus, CRI, Shasto TV, iTV, etc. He answered the questions and gave health advice to the viewers. Experts from home and abroad including the Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Director of NIPSOM, Director of National Chest Diseases Institute, Chief Scientific Officer of IEDCR, Director of CRI took part in the discussions. Voice of America - VOA widely circulated his interview with the famous journalist Sarkar Kabir Uddin on COVID-19.

Dr Nazmus Sakib is involved in various social works besides his professional responsibilities. He is the Board Member of Asian Society of Cardiology, Organizing Secretary of Association of Bangladesh-China Alumni – ABCA, Advisor of Bangladesh-China Youth Students Association, and active Member of Consumer Association of Bangladesh – CAB. He is also a member of China Red Cross Society, Beijing. He likes to spend his free time with underprivileged children providing Medical Care, Clothing, Toys, Books, Food, etc.

The physician with deep humanity also proved his outstanding talent throughout his student life. After completing O and A levels from the renowned Sunshine Grammar School & College, Chattogram, Dr Nazmus Sakib wanted to explore the world of Medicine. He was offered for MBBS from the very reputed Capital Medical University, Beijing, which is ranked first for medicine in China. He completed MBBS and MD in Pediatrics from the globally-acclaimed Chinese university. As his appetite for seeking knowledge was not well-satiated, in 2019, he enrolled for PhD and shone at Peking University which is ranked 18th in the QS World University Ranking 2022.

The philanthropic physician said that during the ongoing pandemic life has not been the same but his dream to reach the pinnacle of success as a Global Doctor remains unaltered.

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