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MSB Academy: An attractive online learning platform

Published : 02 Aug 2021 10:10 PM | Updated : 02 Aug 2021 10:11 PM

Learning is a blessing. But not everybody happens to be entitled to it due to a range of reasons. Distance and financial obstacles are a few of them. The Internet is a medium that can solve this problem. That’s why e-learning is becoming popular across the world. The quantity of educational materials is abundant but there are problems, especially in Bangladesh. No quality control, absence of personalized support, language barrier, no option of collaboration, and lack of learning continuity are some of the many issues. To fix all of these existing problems in Bangladesh, 25-year old Masuk Sarker Batista founded an e-learning platform MSB Academy back in 2018.

According to a press release, Batista is a bestselling instructor in Udemy and SkillShare platforms and with this year of teaching experience, also his YouTube channel has 1,15,000+ subscribers. He builds this platform to provide the best learning experience for Bangladeshi people. The name of MSB stands for Most Significant Bit and from the beginning, the main target of this platform is to provide world-class education in the Bangla language. After three years of operation, it is now one of the best online education platforms in Bangladesh with huge popularity and student success.

MSB Academy hosts courses on app development, web development, office tools, freelancing, graphics design, and many other areas. The cost of these online courses is 60-70 percent less than offline training. The process of starting the course is very easy, the release said. 

Anyone can browse any course they want, see the course promo and preview lectures, and if they like, then can hit the “Buy This Course” button and pay for the course. Then instantly they will get course access. The best part is, if anyone gets enrolled for the course, they will get lifetime course access, will get all future content updates for free, and will get instructor support in the course forum. All learners who finish any course get a certificate.

MSB Academy features classes from leading online course creators who have spent thousands of hours teaching classes that aim to help students advance in their professional lives.