Mismanagement worsens pandemic

Healthcare experts said the worsening covid-19 situation is largely responsible for mismanagement, unskilled medical practitioners, lack of coordination, reluctance to treat patients, indecisions and negligence on the part the public in following health safety regulations.

They also said that despite knowing the situation there is lack of adequate logistic supports which also hamper medical care that patients require.

The experts while giving their observations alleged that most of the people in public places do not wear mask and maintain social distances. Public transports are plying all over the country without following the official guidelines. In many places, markets, shopping centres and city roads are crowded with street vendors and customers.

The COVID-19 has appeared as the pandemic in the world six months ago and three months ago in Bangladesh. Sadly, Bangladesh yet could not get prepared to deal with the deadly virus in a proper manner. The situation in many places has gone beyond control. The number of deaths from the virus and infection is increasing everyday and there is no sign of any respite.

As per the latest information, at least 38 people died from coronavirus in last 24 hours on Monday and 3480 more people were tested positive. Besides, a total of 1502 people died and 1,15,786 people have been infected by the deadly virus. Unofficially the figure could be more, sources said.

According to information received from different sources concerned, most of the infected patients are not getting treatment properly while many of those people suspected to be infected are not able to get confirmatory tests. Individual doctors and hospitals are allegedly refusing patients to admit them to hospitals or provide them treatment.

Experts said in most cases, decisions were not taken on time while the decisions, which were taken are not being implemented due to reluctance by the officials concerned or for lack of coordination.

They said, although the government on June 13 has decided to enforce lockdown in different red zones in capital and elsewhere across the country, but the decision could not be implemented for unknown reasons although ten districts have been declared as Red Zones on Sunday where authorities have decided to enforce lockdown policies.

The hospitals designated for COVID-19 treatment could not yet manage ICU supports and enough ventilation and oxygen for the patients. Not only that there are shortages of personal protection equipment (PPE) for the doctors, nurses, technicians and others involved in the fight against the pandemic.

Meanwhile, there are wider allegations of corruptions by a section of officials and employees of the health sector.
Dr Abdur Nur Tushar, an advisor to the Foundation for Doctors’ Safety Rights and Responsibilities (FDRAS), said that some better initiatives have also been taken in the meantime to fight the pandemic.

However, he said, “Those initiatives have been taken were delayed while many of the decisions were not implemented timely and properly. As a result, those decisions could not come to into effective.”

Earlier, two members of the committee formed to deal with the pandemic--Dr Nazrul Islam and Dr M Iqbal Arsalan--said most of the advises given by them were overlooked by the officials concerned.

Professor Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Director General of the Health Directorte, said, “We tried to take necessary steps to address the situation. Nevertheless, it took some additional time to complete the process.”

Asked about the disarray in the testing of infection by the virus, the DG said, “There were some shortages of PCR machines. However, the machines have been purchased rapidly. Now the rate of testing has increased.”
He, however, claimed that now everybody concerned is discharging their own duties cordially.