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Master plan for Cox’s Bazar planned tourist city

Published : 26 Sep 2023 09:50 PM

A new master plan is being made to develop Cox's Bazar as a modern and planned tourist city. 

This master plan will be done under the initiative of Cox's Bazar Development Authority.

The work of this master plan has officially started Tuesday. Cox's Bazar Development Authority (COAC) and Bangladesh Army's Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC) consulted on the survey project titled "Cox's Bazar District Master Plan Formulation (1st Revised)" at the auditorium of Cox's Bazar Development Authority in the afternoon. 

The signing of the contract regarding the appointment of the organization is completed.

Cox's Bazar Development Authority Chairman Commodore Mohammad Nurul Abshar (Retd.) Development Authority Member Lt. Col. Md. Khizir Khan Deputy City Planner Lt. Col. Tahsin Bin Alam Cox's Bazar District Master Plan Project Director and Md. Tanvir Hasan Rezaul attended the signing ceremony while CSC's Director (Planning and Construction) Brigadier General Abdullah-Al-Mamun and Cox's Bazar District Master Plan Survey Project Director Lt. Col. Sadek Mahmood were present on behalf of CSC.

A total of 8 upazilas of Cox's Bazar district and a total of 690.67 square km including the beach area are under the survey project entitled "Cox's Bazar District Master Plan" under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works are being implemented by the Cox's Bazar Development Authority. Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of the area and the total area of 2491.83 sq. km of the entire Cox's Bazar district. 

A structure plan will be prepared for the area. The project was approved by the Planning Commission on December 27 last year at a total cost of Tk 174.72 crore and the project was given administrative approval by the Ministry of Housing and Public Works on January 12 this year. 

The appointment of Bangladesh Army's Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC) as the consulting firm of Cox's Bazar Development Authority for the implementation of the project was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Procurement on August 16. The implementation period of the project is till June 2025.

The CBDA Chairman said that the overall objective of the survey project on the formulation of the master plan of Cox's Bazar district is to ensure the rational use of land for the establishment of a modern and attractive tourist city in Cox's Bazar and its adjacent areas within the next 50 years, to control unplanned development of any nature on the land and to ensure well-planned development of the region. Formulation of Master Plan including Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of Urban Cox's Bazar District. 

Also under the project are sustainable transportation and traffic management, preservation of mountains, forests, water bodies and marine areas, preservation of demarcated beaches, removal of illegal and unplanned structures, conservation of water and land biodiversity, ensuring safety and security of tourists, prevention of pollution, waste and drainage management. The master plan of Cox's Bazar district will be formulated for all types of disaster management, preservation of culture and heritage, ensuring modern and international quality tourism facilities, housing planning, beach beautification and land erosion prevention.