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Lunch at Thali - House of spices

Moheed Tanjim Haque

THALI is an amazing Bengali restaurant which is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!! This platter named as "THALI EXPRESS" comes with the followings: Rice/Naan, Chicken Hariyali Tikka, Beef vindalo, Sabjee Makhani Raita Mix, Green Salad and Shahi Firni In this traditional bengali platter, you can enjoy every bite of the chicken hariyali kebab along with the sabjee makhani with your choice of rice or naan. The beef vindalo comes with a tangy flavour which complements the carbs of the platter very well. Besides, raita mix is good to go with the whole platter. Finally, the shahi firni, as an amazing dessert, fills up your whole heart with joy.A must try platter for everyone!!

Price: BDT 495+
Rate: 9/10

Moheed Tanjim Haque
is a food blogger