Labour export sees over 284pc growth in last 8 months

New Baira leaders vow to boost Malaysian labour market

Published : 11 Sep 2022 08:54 PM

Bangladesh exported a total of 783,925 workers during the January-August period of the current calendar year as against 273,791 during the same period of the previous year posting nearly 284 growth, according to Bureau, Manpower, Employment and Trading (BMET).   

The labour export during the period of August jumped 23.06 compared to the previous month of July . Bangladesh exported a total of 92,908 workers during the month of July as against 75,499 workers to different countries during the month of June.           

Saudi Arabia was the top destination of Bangladeshi workers with 472,596 workers (over 60.29% of the market share), followed by Oman with 117,514 workers (14.99%), UAE with 76,903 workers (9.81pc), Singapore with 41,270 (5.27%), Jordan with 10,550 workers (1.35 %), Qatar with 14,977 (1.91 %), Kuwait with 11,337 workers (1.45%), Italy with 1410 workers (0.18%), Japan 296, 0.04 % ) and the UK with 214 workers (0.03%), according to BMET data.

Though Bangladesh's labour export shot up by 284 during the January-August  period of this calendar year, compared to the same period of 2021, the prolonged Russia-Ukraine war and growing high cost of living may rein in the tempo of Bangladesh’s labour export to different countries in the mid-and long run, cautioned stakeholders concerned.

As the Russia-Ukraine war began, giving the wrong signal to the global economy, industrialists and businessmen in labour importing countries may slow down recruitment of workers on grounds of the high cost of living and possible social unrest, said a leading labour exporter.

Bangladesh exported a total of 1,008,525 workers in 2017, the highest number in one year, during the last 50 years. Meanwhile, Mohammad Abul Bashar has been elected President and Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury as secretary general of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) for the year 2022-2024.

Other members of the executive committee are Riaz-ul-Islam, senior vice president, Noman Chowdhury,  Mohammad Abu Zafar and Md. Abul Barakat Bhuiyan, , vice presidents, Mohammad Fakhrul Islam, Akbar Hossain Manju, Md. Tipu Sultan, joint secretaries, Mizanur Rahman, finance secretary , Rehana Parveen, sports, entertainment and cultural secretary, Md. Farid Ahmed public relations secretary, Md. Ashrafuddin, member welfare secretary.

The elected executive committee members are: Shahadat Hossain, Ali Haider Chowdhury, Engineer Mohammad Musa Kalim, Mostafa Mahmud, Arifur Rahman, Md. Belal Hossain Mazumder, Mohammad Aliulah, Md. Rafiqul Islam Patwari, Haque Zahirul (Juo), Md. Kamaluddin (Dilu), Kazi Mohammad. Fizoor Rahman, Mohammad Abul Basar, Morruhul Amin (Swapan) O.M.A. Sobhan Bhuiyan (Hasan).

The newly elected Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) President Mohammad Abul Bashar said that new committee will work on speeding up manpower export to Malaysia. 

Meanwhile, manpower export resumed primarily  during the month of August with Bangladesh exporting a total of 573 workers to the Southeast Asian country. 

 Mohammad Abul Bashar, also an Awami League leader, said his panel has been against syndication of manpower export to Malaysia and will leave no stone unturned in boosting manpower to the Southeast Asian country.