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Published : 04 Jan 2022 07:45 PM | Updated : 10 Feb 2022 04:29 PM

If you are very passionate about badminton and want to learn how to play badminton, this article is for you. Badminton is such a game the more you play, the more you will amaze. Because this is the game, you have to work hard as like football or other high-intensity game. It is the game, and you don’t have to touch your opponent. You can play this game if you over 40 years old.

In this article, I am going to tell about the rules of badminton, how to play badminton and how can you be a great badminton player. So let’s get started.

What's the rule of badminton? 

You have to take a Look at the badminton court to know the rules.

First, understand that the badminton court. You can see the court is divided into many boxes. The very first box from the net is referred to as a short-term box, i.e., the place between the short service line and the net.

Both boxes (left and right) in the end are back box. Person no. 3 stands in the back box. You will see there are two side boxes on each side. The area involving a single side and the double sideline is the side box.

Now, let us begin with the rules:

Rule 1

You have or opposite to serve the ball. You have to do it on a cross. For example, you have to serve either from box A to D or box B to C.

Rule 2: 

Sidebox isn't included for singles in the play area.

Rule 3: 

Your opponent will get the point if you serve in the short service box. The opponent will also get the point if the service falls in the back box for doubles.

Rule 4: 

The participant can stand anyplace between the short service line and the back box for serving and may play at the entire court.

Rule 5: 

Now, let’s understand the point system of Badminton.

The game begins with the score 0-0. The match point can be either 11points or 15 points or 21 points. Normally, most of the game play for 21 points.

For single play:

The participant stands in the right side box for serve. Player serves from right box when he's zero or even points i.e. 2, 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 or even 20 points. When you have odd points, i.e., 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 or even 19, you need to serve from left box.

For double player: 

In addition to serving standards for singles, then the gamers get other functions. The identical player continues to function until his serve has broken.

Serving rule: 

Suppose you are in the team X. You have to serve to get the point for your team. You will serve until your opposite team gets the point. When your opponent gets the point, your break the service. Then if the other player on your team has served, he will do the serve. The same thing is for the opposite team also.

Rule 6: 

At the backhand service, the head of the racket shouldn't be over the moderate level.

Rule 7: 

If you and your partner’s racket head touch each other, it is a clash. Your opponent team will get the point if they don’t hit that shuttle. But the game will continue if they hit shuttle without appealing.

Rule 8: 

For more than two shuttles your opponent team will get the point for double tapping.

Rule 9: 

Once the shuttle rolls the racket and then has hauled using all the racket before departing the racket, i.e., it remains on the racket rather than getting struck immediately. It calls as drag along with the other team gains a point.

Rule 10: 

If the shuttle touches the net and doesn’t fall on the other side, your opponent will get the point. Another case is if the racket travels to the other side while hitting the shuttle, your opponent will also get the point.

Rule 11: 

Almost any shuttle dropping out the described boundaries is reportedly off or out along with the other team gets the point.

Rule 13: 

Don’t forget about the fouls.

Enjoy playing.

How can you play badminton?

In the previous section, I explained the rule of playing. It is crucial to know the rules to play Badminton. Besides that in this section, I am going to reveal some essential tips to involve in the game.

Regular running and Exercises: Forget about Badminton. First of all, concentrate on daily exercises and jogging. Playing fantastic badminton will need flexibility. You have to exercise stretching exercises every day. Your shoulders and arms additionally need to be dominant to strike smash throughout the game. Extending are useful throughout playing cross-court shed shots.

Do not play badminton in the first week: If an individual is new to badminton game, he/she shouldn't enter badminton court in his very first week of training. In the beginning, discover how to strike a shuttle using it. First 1-1.5 weeks ought to commit to learning the methods of holding racket along with hitting on the shuttle.

Start with principles: After you have learned how to maintain the racket and the way to strike shuttle with it, begin learning the basics of badminton. I mean learn the basic moves and how to run on the court. Again, you may need a badminton coach. Do not play shuttle while learning your footwork. Notice that you have to work in your basic principles on a routine basis.

Practice the way to function - Service is an essential facet of the game of badminton. You have to practice a lot to learn about serving. There are four Different Forms of service:

  • High serve.
  • Low serve.
  • Flick serve.
  • Drive Serve.

Practice without the point: Once you get started learning how to perform badminton do not count the point for an initial couple of times. Only concentrate on learning the way to reach the shuttle every time in various directions. It will help. Daily practice all type of shot throughout your warm-up. Such as the straightforward drop shooter, cross-court fall, body crush, easy smash, distinct services, etc.

After learning these five moves well on a standard basis, then begin playing practice games with other excellent players. In a short time, you will have the ability to play a good game if you follow these rules.

How to be a great badminton player? 

Badminton is a hard game. Sometimes you need to have the ability to work for many years and also provide all in to get to the top. However, after all these hard work, only a few people can put their feet on the top of the mountain. What makes the distinction between an average player and an elite player?

In my opinion, a fantastic badminton player has good playing style, racket performances, conditioning and strength, and excellent psychological preparation.

A fantastic player strives to be the very finest in all elements of this video game. If you're a master and a lousy guardian, it should not signify a rival will permit you to attack all of the time.

You need to find out your strength to be a good player. If you're a fantastic attacker, concentrate on the following. Meanwhile, don't neglect to maintain your defending ability up to the standards.

Playing mode 

It depends upon your performances. If you're a runner, then you may steer clear of the net and counter the competition with your excellent returns. An attacker will try to put pressure on you.

I suggest you see a vast amount of YouTube videos and also follows the playing style that is right for you. Is your specialization based on cross net shots, overlaps, defensive shots, powerful forehand or backhand, assaulting, different shots?

You ought to become called a speedy runner, as an instance, but do not work on your unique skill. Train other attributes with the same desire.

In case the competitor sees that you are weak, he'll intentionally opt for lobs to irritate you again and wait for your mistake. Some players are very good at putting nerves down.

Lin Dan is famous for his quick attacking and lasting power. Lee Chong Wei has fame for his counterattacking abilities. How about yours?

Racket performances 

Each racket has got its advantages and disadvantages. Some are much far better for your attacker, while another one is fantastic for the defender or an all-rounder. I recommend you to follow the easiest and suitable styles.

If you're left-handed, you will have to find rackets that could be custom shaped. Additionally, there are custom settings to get a defender, smasher, all-around player, or somebody who plays many different shots.

Strength and fixing 

A lot of people think staying in one place is a good idea. But a rally is over hard, and if it lasts more than thirty seconds, then you are going to lose the game! Your body requires the superb condition to keep the same intensity throughout the entire match. Also, you ought to be strong to play special shots. You have to work on endurance. Badminton players change management during two of 3 rallies. Below are a few agility exercises which might be convenient! Footwork is the trick to effective conditioning. Badminton participant's feet are always on fire he should not stand in the same spot. You must respond from the rest of another, utilize your racket to permeate the attack or crush hard! And the essential thing is the response! You need to be very responsive to win the game. Whenever you see the shuttle is coming or your partner gives you sign you need to respond promptly.

Well, badminton isn’t an easy game, and you understand that. Follow the tips mentioned above, and I expect to see you at the top position very soon! You can also utilize the badminton tracker to keep track of your performance.

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