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Horrific acts to destabilize society?

Published : 24 Jul 2019 08:45 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:56 PM

The world has immensely changed with the advancement of science and technology. The digital world has brought about a sense of new dimension of thinking and of enjoying the beauty of life. But quite a huge segment of people in Bangladesh have remained at a place where it is still difficult to reach the light of knowledge.

Observing them it becomes obvious that pre-historic barbarism is still prevailing in our society. And medieval superstitions continue to dominating society over realism and reality. These superstitious people believe in the rumor, spread by the enemy of peace and progress, that the blood of their children will be needed to complete the country’s ever biggest Padma Bridge which the World Bank had refused to finance. Usually when the World Bank denies to fund any project the other donor agencies also become reluctant to come forward with the fund. But, undeterred, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had taken the challenge to build Padma Bridge with our own fund.

At the same time the government was under tremendous pressure at home by the opposition political parties who were seriously engaged in finding fault with the governance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. If we recall the Hindu Puranic (Mythological) story we will find that the warrior Ovimonnu, the son of Arjun, was squarely attacked by his enemies and similarly Sheikh Hasina is facing a multi dimentional challenges from home and abroad.

Recently, Bangladesh has been experiencing a frenzy of horrific brutality in society. A mentally challenged woman was beaten to death by some organized criminals in Dhaka City a couple of days back. In the recent past, a female student Nusrat of Sonagazi Islamic school in Noakhali was burnt to death by its principal Sirajuddoula on April 10, 2019.

At the moment, the entire country is in the grip of a monstrous rumor that the Padma Bridge, for its stability, needs children’s blood. This superstition, was a design to destabilize country and create hindrance in the process of ongoing development, has created devastating panic among the parents of Dhaka City and its adjoining areas. Similar move was conducted by the Islamic Extremist groups during the Liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. A group of students from the Dhaka University had been engaged in killing their University teachers to prevent the Independence of Bangladesh.

With the defeat of their master the Pakistani Military Junta on the 16th of December 1971, they went into hiding but they didn’t stop there. They had resorted to clandestine attacks and at one stage they had killed the country’s founding father in a brief military coup masterminded by some deposed army officers. They had also killed four national leaders who led the liberation war in absence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1971.

The killers had thought that with the killing of Bangabandhu and his four other colleagues they could rest assured that all the obstacles were removed. But it didn’t happen. Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Sheikh Mujib, returned to Bangladesh from exile and started a mass movement against the military Junta. After a long struggle the military junta and their allies were defeated and in 1996 Sheikh Hasina came to power.

Her government had taken quite a number of development programmes which were widely supported by the common people and appreciated by the world community. But the defeated forces could not accept country’s development so they became furious and decided to annihilate Sheikh Hasina and other leaders of Bangladesh Awami League.

To fulfill their evil design, they had launched a grenade attack on Sheikh Hasina’s peace rally on 21 August, 2004 with the direct help of the state intelligence boss, where 22 people including the leaders and activists of Bangladesh Awami League were killed and hundreds others were injured seriously. With the blessings of God, Sheikh Hasina has survived that attack and had started running the government backed by popular support. Within a very short time Bangladesh was put on a development highway under her leadership.

Following that economic achievement, western nations has described Bangladesh as a development role model of the world. The defeated forces, which played active role in negating the country’s independence, believed in the doctrine of “now or never”. They are worried that if the country becomes prosperous under Sheikh Hasina, it would be difficult to mislead the people with falsehood, and Sheikh Hasina would be able to put her Awami League on a solid foundation which will help it to return to power again and again.

So, they have again resorted to the path of destruction. With a view to creating constant unrest in society, they have started killing innocent people spreading rumor against the Padma Bridge. Falsely accusing innocent people as child abductors they are beating them to death. Many innocent men and women have already become victims in some tragic incidents of mob lynching.

We can recall that in a bid to destabilize and discredit the Hasina led government these anti-social extremist elements had masterminded a disastrous attack on a Gulshan based restaurant named Holey Artisan in 2017. A total of 23 people were gunned down that night among which 17 were foreign experts of different nationalities.

After that horrific attack the whole world became concerned about the safety and security of foreigners in Bangladesh. That was a premeditated and calculated attack by the defeated forces that had opposed the birth of Bangladesh and helped the killing spree of the Pakistani army in 1971. The same forces are now trying to destabilize the country through creating hindrances in the process of development undertaken by the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They have started an undeclared war against the innocent people and the present government.