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Govt to procure 1.40 lakh tonnes of fertilisers

Published : 23 Nov 2022 10:05 PM | Updated : 24 Nov 2022 04:54 PM

The government has approved the proposals to purchase 1.40 lakh metric tonnes of fertilizer at the cost of Tk 977.12 crore from Canada, United Arab Emirates and Qatar to meet the growing demand of the country.

The approval was given in the 35th meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement (CCGP) held virtually on Wednesday with Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in the chair.

At the end of the meeting, the Ministry of Finance informed that five proposals were presented in the meeting of the CCGP. 

The proposals approved during the meeting include -- three proposed by the Ministry of Industries, one by the Ministry of Agriculture and one by the Department of Internal Resources.

The total amount of money involving the five proposals approved by the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement was Tk 1,304.13 crore. Out of the total financing, Tk 327.12 crore will be spent from the government's own fund (GOB) and the remaining Tk 977.12 crore will come from domestic banks’ loan.

Officials said, following a proposal from the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) would procure some 50,000 metric tonnes of MOP fertilizer under state-level agreement from Canadian Commercial Corporation under the 8th lot at a cost of around Tk 414.13 crore.

Besides, the Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) under the Ministry of Industries would procure a total of 90,000 metric tonnes of urea fertilizer from different sources.

The BCIC would procure 30,000 metric tonnes of bulk granular urea fertilizer under the 6th lot from Fertiglobe Distribution Limited, UAE with around Tk 188.93 crore, another 30,000 metric tonnes of bagged granular urea fertilizer under the 9th lot from KAFCO, Bangladesh, with around Tk 185.13 crore and another 30,000 metric tonnes of bulk granular urea fertilizer under the 11th lot from Muntajat, Qatar with around Tk 188.93 crore.

Besides, following a proposal from the Internal Resources Division (IRD), the National Board of Revenue (NBR) would procure six full-fledged container scanner systems from Nuctech Company Ltd for the customs houses and offices spending around Tk 327.01 crore.

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