Freedom fighters’ bravery stunned Indian filed commanders

Every freedom fighter had a concrete promise to himself – independence or death. Patriotism in their hearts had made their lives less valuable than the freedom of the motherland. With heart full of patriotism and the promise of mortal combat, the freedom fighters with only two-month training launched such fearless offences on a full-fledged Pakistani Army that the invaders Pakistanis were surrendering everywhere across the country.

Mukti Bahini guerrillas in many places fought from the front alongside Indian soldiers with such bravery that amazed the Indian field commanders. They wondered how could Bengalis with only two-month training could launch such offences on a full-fledged army. What they did not understand is the intense patriotism that drove the young men to such bravery. They loved their motherland too dearly and would give up their life in its defence.

On this day Freedom Fighters entered Pirojpur from three sides and attacked the enemy posts with full might. After a couple of hours of fight the enemy surrendered and the town fell to the Muti Bahinis to take control. Today more good news awaited the Bangladesh government. After a brief fight Chandpur fell. Similarly Pakistanis continued to surrender in many other places and of them important are Netrokona, Brahmanbaria, Mirsarai, Bhaluka, Doulatpur and Kalkini. In all these places Pakistani flags were brought down and replaced with Bangladesh flag. People brought out spontaneous rallies and distributed sweets among themselves. They also stood in silence for a minute remembering the martyrs who were brutally murdered by the Pakistanis.

What is interesting to note here is that the so-called “invincible” Pakistani soldiers showed all their bravery against unarmed men and women of the land. But as soon our young guerrillas counter-attacked with automatic weapons these soldiers retreated inside their camps and bunkers. They would not come out unless they were very sure it was safe outside. During the full-fledged war from 3rd to 15th December they haven’t set any example of bravery that would justify their claim of being a very good fighting force. An ignominious defeat and surrender drama awaited them only some days ahead.