Bumper Aman harvest likely

Food security foolproof

The country’s agriculture officials and farmers are expecting a bumper production of Aman paddy this year hoping it will help them to turn around and ensure food security amid various natural disasters and the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Aman rice production is expected to exceed 1.50 crore tonnes as the crop is growing excellently under favourable climate conditions, farmers and officials of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said. 

According to the DAE, in the current 2020-21 season, a total of 591815 hectares of land has been set for cultivation of Aman, including bona and ropa aman, but Aman has been cultivated in 593401 hectares of land. 

DAE field service wing director, MD Asadullah said, "Due to the flood impact, we may lose 1.63 lakh tonnes of paddy from our estimated target, but as Aus production has been much better, we are expecting the same for Aman, we hope our overall production will be satisfactory. There will be a surplus of paddy production".

"This time the yield of bona aman has been estimated at 1.2 tons per hectare and ropa Aman 2.73 tons per hectare. Besides, the average yield was estimated at 2.64 tons. As a result, 15740398 metric tons of paddy is expected to be produced this year," he added.

Despite heavy damage to crops land by rains and floods, due to the government’s continuous efforts, it is able to ensure good production in the country when there is talk of food insecurity in the world. 

Secretary of the Food Ministry, Mosammat Nazmanara Khanum earlier told Bangladesh Post, "Last year we had huge production of paddy in the country, similarly we are looking forward to more production this year too. This will ensure fair prices to farmers, and the country's food security as well". 

At the directive of the head of government and the constant supervision of the Agriculture Minister and the Agriculture Secretary at the field level, the farmers’ houses are filled with paddy, and the fear of a food crisis is also removed. 

Since then, the government has given importance to Aush Aman, especially Aman, as the next crop. Various incentives are also given as part of the importance. Although the seedbed of Aman was washed away in several floods, the government provided seedbeds to the farmers. 

According to government data, the greatest panic during the coronavirus period was with the production of Boro paddy. Overcoming all odds and fears, this time a record 2.02 crore tonnes of Boro paddy has been harvested. In the last two years, the production was 1.86 crore tonnes. Aman production has been 1.53 crore tonnes. Last year, it was 1.33 crore tonnes. Despite the loss of two lakh tonnes of paddy due to ongoing floods, the present Aus production is 34 lakh tonnes.  

According to Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) own survey, if the production of Aus and Aman is added by November, there will be no food shortage in the country. The BRRI study found that rice production increased by about 3.54 percent compared to last year’s in the country.