FIDO DIDO returns to Bangladesh

BP Business Desk 

No more stress, no more worry as our fun witty, wriggly-haired friend, Fido Dido is back. 7UP, the refreshing clear drink with lemon flavor, marks Fido’s comeback in Bangladesh. Fido’s effortless confidence and limitless ability to think fresh and out of the box, makes him appealing to consumers, even more so today. 

With Fido’s cool comeback, 7UP isn’t just stirring nostalgia among its fans who long associate the brand with Fido’s positive outlook towards life, but also encourages people to ’Think Fresh’ in a new campaign.  He will be reiterating the brand’s new proposition through a TVC in his trademark quirky, fun manner. The new TVC portrays how all that one needs to do is to take a moment to ‘Think Fresh’ and stay cool while reconnecting with people and things that really matter. 

Sharing his views on the launch, Khurshid Irfan Chowdhury, Managing Director & CEO, Transcom Beverages Ltd, said, “7up is the biggest and most loved CSD brand in Bangladesh and 7Up won the best brand of the year 10th year in a row by Bangladesh Brand Forum.  

Today, 7UP is  thrilled to bring the most loved character, Fido Dido to Bangladesh, not only  for fun but also urging them to Think Fresh reiterating that even the most complicated situations in life can be easily dealt with if one adds freshness and optimism into the mix.

” Commenting on the launch of Fido Dido and Think Fresh Campaign, Debasish Deb, Country Manager, PepsiCo Bangladesh, added “We are very excited to bring Fido Dido back to Bangladesh in the context of the brand’s new ‘Think Fresh’ proposition. As a brand, 7UP has always encouraged consumers to be their cool and optimistic self. In today’s increasingly connected world, Fido’s message is more important than ever.  

Talking about the campaign, Nobel Dhingra, Marketing Director, PepsiCo said, “There is a very strong sense of nostalgia associated with Fido Dido. In fact, he is considered as the original Cool Dude. We are confident that consumers across Bangladesh will show tremendous love for Fido as he makes a comeback.

Fido Dido inspires people with a refreshing tale on life, is fun and witty and more importantly, always optimistic.”  7UP will also roll out a 360-degree marketing plan post the launch of the TVC which will include outdoor and digital surround.