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BP Tourism Desk 

Traveling, not just expands your mind, broadens your views through experiencing new sights, discovering new places, and meeting other people, it also enables you to see the world in a different way, but more than that, it will recharge, refresh, and renew your soul in the process, enabling you to see life itself in a positive manner. Travel is said to refresh your brain cells and induce happy positive thoughts in your mind and helps you discover or re-discover yourself.

With globalization at its peak and the advancement of the country’s economy along with the increase of income per capita and the buying power amongst the masses, people are now travelling more than any existing precedent in the country. People do not want to be confined within the four walls of their own culture, they want to travel, they want to see and experience things that they have not seen before or have only heard of.

Travelling refreshes people, but even this relaxing and refreshing activity can be hectic! Travelling to destinations require a lot of planning and research on variables that entails-booking air tickets, booking hotels, looking for proper guides, planning activities, processing visa, etc. Traditionally in Bangladesh, people depended on travel agencies, visa agencies, etc. to seek help regarding the variables of travel and no single entity provided all the support that is usually required. As a result to execute the plan of a trip abroad, people had to bounce from organization to organization, middle man to middle man, increasing the difficulty of easing the travelling process.

In contrast to Bangladesh, people abroad, depends on aggregators to ease the process of travelling. An aggregator is a website that searches for deals across multiple websites and shows you the results in one place.  It really is that simple! By heading to an aggregator, you're practically guaranteed to find a cheaper flight, hotel booking, travel plans and all other concerns of travelling. Even recently, people of Bangladesh has been depending on foreign aggregators for travelling.

But for the first time ever in Bangladesh, ShareTrip, has been revolutionizing the way people book travel services. With ShareTrip’s website and mobile app, booking your flight, hotel or holiday became more fun than you would think. With exciting games and real rewards like free trips and air ticket ShareTrip has become more fun to use! You can also win TripCoin by playing games and booking service from ShareTrip that you can use to avail discount. We all at some point in life we have wanted to pack our bags and just set out on a vacation. But those travel plans always get pushed to a later date because of the troubles that comes with planning and executing it.