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Evil forces out to wreck progress

Published : 03 Oct 2022 09:33 PM

Forces hostile to the country and its people are active again to destabilize the present situation under which the development work is going on in full swing. These forces have never believed in peace, progress and economic development of the country. They want the country to plunge in an abysmal economic debacle and we don’t understand what benefit they will reap from the debacle.

The anti-liberation forces, who had helped Pakistan Army in carrying out genocide in Bangladesh during the War of Liberation in 1971 and killers of Bangabandhu and their associates as well, are seriously active in their   bid to destroy the country’s on-going forward march which has been very positively acclaimed by the global people who frequently appreciated the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The global people don’t hesitate to appreciate Sheikh Hasina, but the country’s opposition political parties, under no circumstances, can appreciate the development work and the significant welfare brought about for the people. There is a monumental barrier before carrying out the on-going development work. Overcoming all odds and obstacles, Prime Minister Sheikh Hsina is taking forward her goals of making Bangladesh a developed nation.  

Thanks to her most farsighted leadership, the prestige of Bangladesh has reached a new height and the country is running on a super high way of economic emancipation and development by defeating the harmful propaganda of the country’s enemies.

It is really the most disappointing aspect for the people of the country that some opposition parties and the anti-liberation forces and their unscrupulous associates have started all- out war against Bangladesh and its peace-loving people. At any cost they want to undermine the country’s image abroad. The BNP leaders are firm that the country’s economy will be worse than that of Sri Lanka. The question is, if the country’s economy get worse, what benefit would it bring for them? If that is the thinking of the BNP leaders then what kind of welfare they would bring for the people if they come to power?

The people of Bangladesh still remember the economic doctrine of BNP finance minister M Saifur Rahman. He had the belief that if the country is poor, the foreign grant is available. Language fails to describe the logic behind such a funny idea. 

Even a mad man can understand his own wellbeing, but some opposition parties including the BNP which ran the government twice do not understand their own wellbeing. During their tenure country’s opposition and the minority people had been suffering the worst and  horrifying situation. 

It was thought that Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) would not make the same mistakes twice rather they would take country’s latest development work and the prevailing political situation into consideration, as they have a sense of belonging keeping the national interest on their priority list in policy making process. The BNP has resorted to violent activities, as they did in 2014-2015 killing scores of people by torching them alive and throwing petrol bombs on them indiscriminately. People in general condemned such brutal activities and totally rejected BNP’s politics of violence. Because of its violent activities, BNP has lost its credibility of the people. They should always remember that the election is the only tool they have before them to get power. But in a surprising move BNP has once again made it clear that they will not take part in the next national elections under the Awami League government headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

A political party which has ruled the country several times must have run on a particular ideology and must be committed to the national interest, but BNP has never shown its allegiance towards nation or its interest.

BNP didn’t do anything for the economic development of the country. It might be their inefficiency or lack of ideas and knowledge to build the nation on a solid economic foundation, they should support the present government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasna which really did a fantastic job in making the country economically prosperous, socially developed and technologically advanced. And it is really appreciated by the people both at home and abroad. If you can’t do something better, you must appreciate if someone can do better. BNP doesn’t appreciate the good job, rather they are negating the nation building work, I am sure people would not support BNP and its allies who can’t tolerate the wellbeing of the people.