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‘Encourage kids to do physical exercise’

Published : 13 Sep 2020 10:06 PM | Updated : 13 Sep 2020 10:42 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has hampered the regular routine of children with parents worrying over their kid’s obesity since they are confined within four walls for more than six months.

As almost all activities of children including diet and sleep is in disarray, experts urged parents to engage the kids in physical exercises and alternative recreation through different learning processes such as drawing, gossiping, and solving puzzles.

Parents said are anxious since obesity and addiction to devices are on the rise among children.

Iqbal Haq from Lalbagh told Banglades Post that they are worried since their son is gaining weight day by day. “My son gained 10kg in 4 months and doctors prescribed him exercising and avoiding fast food,” he said.

Another parent Touhidur Rahman also echoed Haq. “My six-year-old son has forgotten his daily routine totally. He neither sleeps nor eats on time.

“Sometimes, I have noticed my son does not talk to his mother and always remain glued to video game,” he lamented.

Mentioning obesity among children’s medicine specialist Dr Mahbub Alam told Bangladesh Post, “There is no alternative to fresh vegetables, fruits, and regular exercise. However, many parents prefer fast food for their kids that risks of obesity. 

“In fact, parents are not well aware of obesity,” he argued.

Dr Mahbub suggests that physical exercises be practiced at home. “Children should be encouraged to play sports and must be discouraged from less use of computer and video games for long,” he added.

Public health expert Dr Ahmed Hussain highlighted on parenting to solve complication that children face during the pandemic. “The bond between parents and children can reduce the latter’s anxiety since parenting is crucial in this case,” he said.

According to Hussain, allowing children to share thoughts with parents will strengthen the bond. “If children feel bored they must be engaged in something that attracted them.” 

Professor Tajul Islam of National Institute of Mental Health and Hospital told Bangladesh post, “The social skill of children is on the decline since they have been confined within four walls for a long time.”

Children uses smart devices posing health risks and they should be kept away when adults use the smart devices. 

Adults can resist the impact of radiation from the devices which children do not. So, parents must be careful more, he concludes.