Directive to speed up e-mutation

The Ministry of Land has instructed its field offices to speed up and accelerate e-Mutation by closely monitoring and evaluating the activities at the field level. Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury officially launched the E-Mutation activities in the country July 1 this year as per the pledge, said a press release issued by the ministry.

Through this, the e-Mutation process has been implemented in the 485 Upazila Land Offices and 3617 Union Land Offices. Already, over one crore citizens have received land services through the e-Mutation system. Training has already been completed in all the Upazilas. Besides, the e-naming system has been made accessible to all. There is also a system to evaluate the work performed by the officers of the Land offices.

Under the circumstances, the Ministry of Land issued a letter last Monday (October 28, 2019) requesting the Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and Upazila Nirbahi Officers to give the necessary direction to the Assistant Commissioner (Land) to impel and accelerate the e-Mutation programme.

Also, service receivers can easily get solutions to various land issues by calling 16122. Ministry of Land is directly controlling the Land Service-Hotline 16122, while the Land Minister and Land Secretary are monitoring the complaints. Contextually, the e-Mutation system has been set up under the PrimeMinister's special initiative 'Digital Bangladesh'. The Ministry of Land, Land Reform Board and a2i are jointly implementing e-Mutation activities at the field level.

The e-Mutation application is essentially a part of the national land-information and services online platform called 'Zami' (