‘Dhamaka Rocket Service’ to deliver daily necessities in lockdown

Published : 15 Apr 2021 09:19 PM has launched a new service called 'Dhamaka Rocket Service' to deliver everyday essentials on time. The product covered under this rapid delivery service includesgroceries, medicines, perishables i.e. fish, meat,frozen food, vegetables etc.After ordering at Dhamaka Rocket Service, your ordered products will arrive at your doorstep within 32 hours- anywhere within the country.

As COVID-19 has engulf the nation, most people are unable to get their daily necessities from the market due to lockdown. Keeping this in mind, Dhamaka Shopping’s team along with neighborhood vendors are working round the clock to deliver these daily necessities to the valued customers on time. With Dhamaka Rocket Service, a customer’s ordered product will be delivered by a shop/vendor within 3 Kilometers of customers neighborhood by their own delivery team.

On the occasion of launching this service, Sirajul Islam Rana, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of, said, “Almost every activity in our public life has been impacted by the pandemic. Online shopping in more critical than ever in this challenging time.” He added,“To cater these growing demand, we have launched Dhamaka Rocket Service to deliver the required products during lockdown.”

He also informed that, sellers from different parts of the country are joining the Dhamaka Rocket Service to help the customer get their ordered product delivered to their doorstep during this lockdown.