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Dhaka circular road coming

Published : 28 Feb 2020 09:10 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:17 PM

Considering the capital city’s unbearable gridlock, the government has taken an initiative to build circular road around the city’s northern area in order to ease the severe traffic congestion. After completion of the project, people would be able to reach their respective destinations using the outer circular road without experiencing traffic congestion.

The circular road will also save time and reduce pressure on city’s roads and streets. The Outer Circular Road will be by the north Dhaka, Buriganga, Balu River and adjoining areas of the two rivers. With the outer circular road, one can travel from Manikganj-Aricha to Sylhet, Chittagong to Tangail-Sirajganj, Rangpur to Cumilla, Mawa Padma to Savar, Mymensingh to Khulna without entering inside Dhaka.

The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) will determine the expenditure, on the construction of the road, design, and the amount of land required for the construction. The DTCA is going to undertake the project Feasibility Study on Dhaka Outer Circular Road: Northern Part' to take this initiative forward.

From now on, a feasibility study project will be implemented in June 2021 with Tk 16.55 million. According to DTCA sources, Dhaka is home to about 10 million people with 40,000 living in per square kilometer. About 30 million trips are made daily across the capital. In addition, inter-district buses travel through the city due to lack of Outer City Road or bypass. This causes traffic congestion in the city while increasing the travel time of the buses.

According to DTCA sources, the plan includes construction of several ring roads in Dhaka. The survey is being conducted in this regard. 274 local and 12 single technical consultants will be appointed to conduct the survey. DTCA Additional Executive Director Engineer Md Zakir Hossain Majumder said, ”I have started the preliminary work of construction of Dhaka Outer Circular Road. I have taken the feasibility study of the project before taking the main project. “

“Through this project I will know how much money will be required to implement the main project, how the routes will go and how much land is required”, he added. He also said, the implementation of the project will reduce the pressure on Dhaka city. Other route cars will not enter the capital Dhaka without necessity. There will be no additional pressure on Dhaka.