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DCs told to punish covid curbs breakers

Published : 20 Jan 2022 10:43 PM

Deputy Commissioners (DCs) have been directed to take action against those who are not following the health guidelines, said Health Minister Zahid Maleque.

He made the statement at the end of a session of the third day of the Deputy Commissioners' Conference at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the capital on Thursday.

The Health Minister said, “Some restrictions have been imposed to curb spread of Omicron. While there is no reason to get panicked, it is alarming. We have told the deputy commissioners that they have to play their role in controlling the transmission of coronavirus like they did last year.”

He further said, “When people commute on the bus, train, steamer, they have to follow hygiene rules, wear masks and keep up social distance. Public gatherings on political and social occasions have to be stopped. We have highlighted these issues. The deputy commissioners have to oversee the land-port, sea-port and other ports. Those who are in quarantine often do not maintain it. I have told them to keep an eye on this matter so that the quarantine is completed properly.” 

“Use of drugs have increased in the country, which is increasing health risk. I have asked them to take legal action against those who are not following the health rules,” he added. 

Mentioning that the transmission of Covid-19 has to be controlled to keep the country economically and socially stable, the minister said, “The health department is ready. We are in a much better position than before. There is no shortage of test equipment; there are 800 labs. We have enough kits and no lack of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators have been installed in about 830 hospitals, which were not there before. Moreover, about 40,000 new manpower have been recruited. There are about 15,000 doctors and 20,000 nurses. The overall preparation is good.”

The health minister also said that the deputy commissioners have been asked to extend cooperation in the vaccination program. 

“We want to give double dose of vaccine to 120 million people. We now have a stock of 90 million vaccines, which many countries do not have. We are also discussing about the booster doses,” he said.

The minister said that 12,500,000 vaccines have been given to school children in the country within a few months.

The health minister said the deputy commissioners had asked for hospitals at the district level. 

“One of their demands was hospitals at different districts. Yesterday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated eight hospitals. We have plans to build more such hospitals in the future,” he added.