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Concern on militancy growing

Published : 05 Oct 2022 09:58 PM | Updated : 06 Oct 2022 01:41 PM

Backwardness in thinking is increasingly creating an adverse impact on the society and the medieval barbarism and Islamic extremism combined together are contributing viciously to misleading country’s young people, including the students with the background of modern education. This has been a growing concern of the present time.

Law enforcement agencies of the country are investigating the suspected cases of several dozen of militancy-influenced teenagers and youths leaving home.

They said around 50 operatives of militant outfits, aged between 15 and 50, left their houses without the knowledge of their families.

Officers of law enforcement agencies expressed hope that they would be able to trace them out and identify their motivators soon.

Families of the teenagers and youths are passing their worrying days  as they think if they are in any way linked to militant outfits, it will invite trouble and disgrace for the families.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam recently told the media that they had information that the youths and teenagers were being given training for carrying out attacks during the Durga Puja.

Police have already published photos of seven of the missing youths and teenagers.

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