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Commercial farming

Initiative to maximise output, cut production cost

Published : 02 Oct 2022 09:58 PM

The government has taken an initiative to create 1,440 agricultural entrepreneurs to transform Subsistence level agriculture into commercial farming.

The plan has been taken with a view to maximising farm production reducing cost of production through mechanization of agriculture with easy supply of inputs and irrigation facilities.  

The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a project titled “Sustainable Agricultural Development in Dinajpur Region” to the planning commission.

The total implementation cost has been estimated at Tk 65.31 crore. 

The project, when implemented, will increase cropping intensity by 4 percent through extension of modern agricultural technology. 

By expanding eco-friendly production technology, the high-value crop yield in the project area will increase by 12 percent and land fertility will rise by 5 percent while through training on harvesting and management including soil health, the stakeholders may reduce the loss of high-value crops by 10 percent.

An official of the Planning Commission said that the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) meeting was held on April 25 this year after receiving the proposal from the Ministry of Agriculture. 

The project has been recommended for presenting in the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC). 

On approval, it will be implemented by the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) by June 2027.

According to project proposal, there is a great opportunity to increase crop production with intensity of crops through the application of modern technology in the high and medium high areas of the vast plains of Dinajpur region. 

Due to the impact of climate change and industrialisation, the agriculture in this region is being gradually threatened. 

On the other hand, due to socio-economic reasons rich farmers are  keeping aloof from agriculture leaving it to the marginal, small and middle class farmers. 

The lack of capital and inputs at the right time also result in low yield. 

The project has been proposed to contribute to the achievement of food security through the development of commercial agriculture by utilising the regional possibilities, opportunities and organisational strength of producing and marketing crops at high nutritional prices by encouraging  educated women and youths of the country.

The main activities of the project are - Technology demonstration, 1,224 soil health protection technology, 2,380 special technology demonstration, construction of five  farmer centers, construction of 155 non-electric cooling chambers, eight polynets or shed houses, 92 motivational trips, 2,135 field days, 12 agricultural technology fairs and in-house training .

Planning Minister MA Mannan said, “The project is aimed at producing high-value crops, diversifying crop production, producing safe crops, processing agricultural products, creating women and young entrepreneurs, commercialising agriculture and expanding modern technology and activities to meet national nutritional needs in Dinajpur region of Rangpur Division.”

He also said, “Dinajpur region is one of the most promising agricultural regions of the country. The regional project area has been selected based on the agricultural nature of the region, agricultural diversity, agricultural environment and potential.”