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Chronology of national budget of Bangladesh

Published : 31 May 2023 09:16 PM

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal is set to place the national budget for fiscal year (2023-2024) at the Jatiya Sangsad today.

This will be the country's 52nd budget and the 24th of the Awami League government in five terms.

Tajuddin Ahmed presented the country’s first budget as finance minister of the post-independence Bangabandhu government in 1972.

This budget for FY24 will be the 5th consecutive budget of incumbent Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal.

The chronology of the national budget is given below along with budget size with amounts in crore:

Fiscal- Who placed-Total Size-ADP

1972-73-Tajuddin Ahmed -Tk 786cr -Tk 501cr

1973-74 -Tajuddin Ahmed -Tk 995cr -Tk 525cr

1974-75 -Tajuddin Ahmed -Tk 1,084cr -Tk 525cr

1975-76 -Dr Azizur Rahman Mollik -Tk 1,549cr -Tk 950cr

1976-77 -Maj Gen Ziaur Rahman -Tk 1,989cr -Tk 1,222cr

1977-78 -Lt Gen Ziaur Rahman -Tk 2,184cr -Tk 1,278cr

1978-79 -President Ziaur Rahman -Tk 2,499cr -Tk 1,446cr

1979-80 -Dr M N Huda -Tk 3,317cr -Tk 2,123cr

1980-81 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 4,108cr -Tk 2,700cr

1981-82 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 4,677cr -Tk 3,015cr

1982-83 -A M A Muhith -Tk 4,738cr -Tk 2,700cr

1983-84 -A M A Muhith -Tk 5,896cr -Tk 3,483cr

1984-85 -M Sayeduzzaman -Tk 6,699cr -Tk 3,896cr

1985-86 -M Sayeduzzaman -Tk 7,138cr -Tk 3,825cr

1986-87 -M Sayeduzzaman -Tk 8,504cr -Tk 4,764cr

1987-88 -M Sayeduzzaman -Tk 8,527cr -Tk 5,046cr

1988-89 -Maj Gen Munim -Tk 10,565cr -Tk 5,315cr

1989-90 -Dr Wahidul Haq -Tk 12,703cr -Tk 5,803cr

1990-91 -Maj Gen Munim -Tk 12,960cr -Tk 5,668cr

1991-92 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 15,584cr -Tk 7,500cr

1992-93 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 17,607cr -Tk 9,057cr

1993-94 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 19,050cr -Tk 9,750cr

1994-95 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 20,948cr -Tk 11,000cr

1995-96 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 23,170cr -Tk 12,100cr

1996-97 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 24,603cr -Tk 12,500cr

1997-98 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 27,786cr -Tk 12,800cr

1998-99 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 29,537cr -Tk 13,600cr

1999-00 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 34,252cr -Tk 12,477cr

2000-01 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 38,524cr -Tk 17,500cr

2001-02 -SAMS Kibria -Tk 42,306cr -Tk 19,000cr

2002-03 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 44,854cr -Tk 19,200cr

2003-04 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 51,980cr -Tk 20,300cr

2004-05 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 57,248cr -Tk 22,000cr

2005-06 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 61,058cr -Tk 23,626cr

2006-07 -M Saifur Rahman -Tk 69,740cr -Tk 26,000cr

2007-08 -Mirza Azizul Islam -Tk 99,962cr -Tk 25,600cr

2008-09 -Mirza Azizul Islam -Tk 99,962cr -Tk 25,400cr

2009-10 -AMA Muhith -Tk 113,815cr -Tk 28,500cr

2010-11 -AMA Muhith -Tk 132,170cr -Tk 35,130cr

2011-12 -AMA Muhith -Tk 161,214cr -Tk 41,080cr

2012-13 -AMA Muhith -Tk 191,738cr -Tk 52,366cr

2013-14 -AMA Muhith -Tk 222,491cr -Tk 60,000cr

2014-15 -AMA Muhith -Tk 250,560cr -Tk 75,000cr

2015-16 -AMA Muhith -Tk 295,100cr -Tk 93,894cr

2016-17 -AMA Muhith -Tk 340,605cr -Tk 1,10,700cr

2017-18 -AMA Muhith -Tk 4,00,266cr -Tk 1,48,381cr

2018-19 -AMA Muhith -TK 4,64,573cr -Tk 1,73,000cr

2019-20 -- AHM Mustafa Kamal --Tk 5,23,190cr -- Tk 2,02,721cr

2020-21 --AHM Mustafa Kamal -- Tk 5,68,000cr -- Tk 2,05,145cr

2021-22 - AHM Mustafa Kamal -- Tk 6,03,681cr - Tk 2,25,324cr

2022-23 – AHM Mustafa Kamal –- Tk 6,78,064cr – Tk 2,46,066cr

AMA Muhith and Saifur Rahman presented the highest 12 budgets each at different terms of their respective governments.

Muhith, however, is the first finance minister who placed the budget for 10 consecutive fiscals since 2009 until he went on retirement after the end of last parliament.