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Chicken, egg prices go up again

Published : 09 Sep 2022 10:46 PM

Price of eggs and broiler chickens has increased again in the kitchen markets of the capital. One dozen of eggs are being sold at Tk 130 to Tk 135. Broiler chickens are being sold at Tk 175 to Tk 180 per kg. 

A week back price of per dozen eggs was between Tk 115 and Tk 120, now it is being sold at Tk 130 to Tk 135. 

Sellers are also saying that there is no logical reason behind the increase in price at the moment, but suddenly the egg traders’ association has increased the price. 

Retailers said, “Early last month, the price of eggs increased due to the syndication of wholesalers. That’s why at that time every dozen eggs had to be sold at Tk 155 to Tk 160. We had sold per dozen eggs for Tk 120 last week but now the wholesalers have increased the price at Tk 130. 

Egg Traders’ Association Publicity Secretary Nasir Uddin said that after the government move, the price of eggs dropped unreasonably. 

At present broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 170 to Tk 175 per kg, sonali chicken at Tk 300 and local chicken at Tk 550 per kg. 

The egg and chicken market became unstable at the beginning of the last month (August). At that time broiler chicken was sold at a maximum price of Tk 210 per kg and the price of a dozen of eggs rose to Tk 160. Later, the price came down slightly during the drive of the Directorate of National Consumers' Right Protection. 

According to the government agency Trading Corporation Bangladesh (TCB), the prices of rice, sugar, lentils, dry chillies, ginger, cumin, cloves, cardamom, hilsa fish, beef, powdered milk, salt and farm eggs have increased in the last one month after the increase in fuel oil prices. 

The prices of various cosmetics including soap, toothpaste, coconut oil have increased up to 44 percent. Earlier, the price of half a kg of detergent was Tk 60, now it is Tk 90. The price of Tk 52 soap is now Tk 75.  

The price of dry chilli has increased the most in the market in the last one month. Dry chilli was sold between Tk 300 and Tk 330, now it is being sold at Tk 350 to Tk 450. On the other hand, the price of loose flour increased by 20.73 percent during the same period. Earlier it was sold at Tk 40 to Tk 42, but now it has stood at Tk 47 to Tk 52. Although the price of packaged flour increased by 15.31 percent during this period.