Canton Fair opens with record number of exhibits

By Xinhua
Published : 16 Oct 2022 09:05 PM

The 132nd session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, opened online on Saturday with a record number of products on display and offering a longer service time.

More than 35,000 domestic and overseas companies are participating in the event, which is approximately 10,000 more than that of the previous session, and they have submitted over 3.06 million exhibits, said Xu Bing, spokesperson of the fair.

Of the products on display, more than 130,000 feature smart capabilities and over 500,000 are green, low-carbon commodities.

Organizers plan to hold more than 70 global trade promotion activities, and 200 activities for new product releases.

Starting from this session, the Canton Fair will extend the service time of its online platform, with the availability of most functions, from the previous 10 days to five months.