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BRTA recommends 80% bus fare hike

Published : 30 May 2020 08:56 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 01:15 PM

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) on Saturday recommended increasing the inter-district bus and minibus fare by eighty percent.

However, the bus and minibus owners have been instructed not to carry more than forty percent passengers in order to maintain social distancing. The transport owners are set to operate buses from tomorrow (Monday). 

The recommendation was given at a meeting held at BRTA headquarters in the city with BRTA Chairman Yousuf Ali Mollah in the chair. BRTA officials, transports owners and leaders were present in the meeting.

“We have recommended that the bus and mini-bus fare should increase by eighty percent in order to minimise the cost as the owners have been asked to carry 20 passengers of a 50-seated bus,” BRTA Chairman Yousuf Ali Mollah told reporters after the meeting.

The transport owners and leaders urged the government to increase 100 percent of the bus and mini-bus fare.

BRTA Chairman said the recommendation will be sent to the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry for approval.

Talking to reporters on Saturday, Road Transport Owners' Association Vice-President Abul Kalam said this fare will not be effective once the Covid-19 situation is improved.

“We will provide masks to the passengers while the drivers will be given PPE,” he added.

However, no decision has been taken yet by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) whether the launch fare will be increased or not. 

BIWTA will form a technical committee to take decision in order to increase the launch fare.

The operation of public transports has been remained suspended since March 26 aiming to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus.

However, emergency services, fuel, medicine, vehicles carrying perishable goods and relief materials will remain out of the purview of the restriction.

Earlier on Thursday, the government allowed “restricted reopening” of public transport services such as passenger buses, trains and ferries with “limited number of passengers” with a condition of wearing protective masks during their movements at all times while operators were asked to strictly follow the health directives related to Covid-19.

 Movement of all kinds of vehicles (trucks, lorries and cargo vessels) engaged in transporting commodities through highways and river routes will continue.

But maintenance of health guideline, including use of protective masks, announced by the Health Services Division must be ensured at all times.